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Do you find you focus better once you find something that interests you?

I find that I'm not able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time; regardless of the circumstances. Unless I'm doing something that requires no effort whatsoever, I find that I always have a tough time screening through my "brain fog". These couch potato activities include: watching TV, buying random #$%* online, watching comedy shows, reading something I enjoy but that really doesn't substantially benefit me (fiction novels, comics, etc..) Basically, anything that involves my definition of "fun".

A lot of people say that once ADDer's find something interesting or something that is they are passionate about, they are able to overcome their attention span barriers.

Career-wise, I find that all jobs require the ability to sustain attention. Jobs ranging from :

-McDonalds cashier: sorry madam ...when you said "coke no ice" it really sounded like you were saying "big mac meal"..See if you say coke no ice really fast...
-haridresser: ..I accidentally razored your eyelids..I'm sorry
-lawyer: this "murderer", I mean "my defendant
-doctor: sorry, I think I have punctured your lungs, while...performing that kindey transplant. We're gonna need another surgical procedure to fix that...

Even working at fast food can be difficult when you have trouble: remembering orders, talking to customers and counting cash at the same time, arriving to shifts on time,etc...

I don't mean to sound apocalyptic or "negative", just being brutally honest.
What do you guys think?
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