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Re: Vyvanse and Melatonin

Originally Posted by JeanS75 View Post
Has anyone taken Vyvanse and Melatonin at night to help sleep? Any advsere side effects? I've always had trouble sleeping, even before taking ADHD Meds. I started on Strattera of which changed my mood and personality dramatically at the age of 28 then switched to Adderrall XR 15mg and now more recently am on Vyvanse. I crased on Adderall XR 15mg pretty hard so my Dr. switched me to Vyvanse 30mg earlier this year.

It takes me forever to fall asleep at night,even if I take my Vyvanse at 6am of which I start to feel slower by about 3pm, I still struggle to fall asleep. I take 1 3mg Melatonin an hour before bedtime and not only feel sleepy but almost always stay asleep.

Now the problems I've noticed and I don't know why I did not make the connection before.. Since I started Vyvanse I've noticed "hot flashes" that i seem to get daily. My face is flushed, I feel intense heat in my face and my heart rate is going nuts. I thought I was having some early menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms so I went to an OB/GYN. Everything there is normal. I've been taking the Melatonin now for about 3 months with my Vyvanse however started the Vyvanse in May of this year. Anyone else experience these symptoms or taking Melatonin with Vyvanse? I of course did not consult with my Dr, since I thought it was a natural supplement but after much research it does not seem to be the case.
Ok, I'm on Vyvanse 80mg (for the last two months) and no melatonin. I do take Klonopin at bedtime. I have recently noticed hot flashes, dry skin and hair (which I love) along with extra hair loss. I've wondered if it's stress or the beginning of menopause. No heart rate increase, though.

I've also hard a hard time remembering and keeping things together. I really thought it was the beginning of menopause or the extra stress I've been under. Now, I wonder.......

No sleep problems whatever!

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