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Re: Complicated Situation

Originally Posted by CharlesH View Post

Can you see how this approach is different from starting the appointment by asking for Desoxyn in order to feel good?

You say that psychiatrists have always been dismissive of your requests for amphetamines. But then you also say that a previous psychiatrist validated the feeling of normalcy you got from amphetamines as a sign that you have ADHD. I'm confused.
Oh of course I wouldnt start by asking for desoxyn. I don't mind starting with modafinil or methylphenidate and see if those work but i can't even get that. I think i may have over explained in the past by going into my entire life. To me its logical but others tend to misinterpret my point.

Yes there was one psychiatrist I saw towards the beginning of my probation that prescribed me vyvanse but I was actually on meth at the time. I felt bad about lying to him and told him the truth and then he said he had to stop prescribing the vyvanse which made sense. I thought he would help me with the meth somehow but I didnt think the situation through.

I do over complicate things. thanks for your advice. I will do exactly that and keep it simple and go try some physicians instead of psychiatrists because I have only been seeing psychiatrists cause I figured they would be more helpful overall somehow.
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