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Re: Starting to organize a big mess when it can't be completed in one session

When my messes get that big I start using the "will I use it in the next day FOR SURE" That stays in the room, on a shelf, table, or tray. "Will I use it in the next week FOR SURE" that goes into some sort of bin, drawer, etc. "Will I sue it in the next month FOR SURE". that stuff goes in my clothes closet. Everything else I throw away. Its either that or I cant see my floor. So I had to decide, what is more important to me...this stuff, while being possibly useful and definitely something I want, or my sense of sanity-which is something I need and cant live without.

It helps me to do this when I am in a spontaneous mood, because waaaaay more things get thrown away. I have to admit, I have thrown away things i ended up wishing I would have had, but it has never been anything I couldnt live without, nor was the convenience worth the clutter, especially since I had forgotten I had it or where it was in the first place!
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