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Re: ADHD and Internet Browsing Habits

No question, I have to deal with this, too. Things were way worse before I was diagnosed and medicated, but I still have bad days. I find when a task isn't going particularly well or is ambiguous, it's way easier to hop on my favorite sites.

1. If I'm under some deadlines, I have to work very hard to force myself not to spend any time on the 'net.
2. That's tough, so I make a list of "to do's" every AM, then hourly I make a micro list with the top three items and a time limit. I find the estimated time limit helps me realize that "call morty" has a ten minute window, and if I hop on Facebook, I'll blow that entire task out of the water.
3. If you get productive on a long project (maybe you alloted 60 minutes) but you've gone over, let it ride provided there isn't a good reason not too. Momentum is critical, don't break it unless there's a good reason.
4. Reward yourself. If you pulled off an hour of hard work and can cross most/all off your micro list, make a new list, and allot ten minutes for food/drink/break. Get online and goof off if you like, but time yourself and stop at the ten minute window.

Let me know if this helps. It's not easy, and some days, nothing will pry me loose from my forums, sites, even Wikipedia. I can get lost for hours reading Wikipedia. How come I can't get lost for an hour or two writing a darn memo?
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