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Ritalin/Concerta with Dex IR booster?

Is there any reason that these two classes of stimulants should not be given together?

I am very satisfied with my IR Dex booster (Zenzedi). Not so with all of the XR/ER amphetamines I've tried. My only other option left for a longer acting amphetamine is Dex Spansules, but these are pricey and will be hard to find since it seems the only generic available in this area will not work for me (as its IR Dex did not work either). So I am wondering if I should bring up maybe trying Ritalin/Rit LA/Concerta with my p-doc before trying Dex Spansules.

Anyone take a methylphenidate med in the AM and amphetamine med in the PM (or vice versa)?

I felt tired, flat, and irritable on mixed levo/ dextro amphetamines (Adderall, Adzenys) but not Zenzedi (just dextro). Has anyone felt the tired flatness on Adderall but had a good reaction to a methylphenidate drug?

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