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Re: Understanding Counterwill: "Oppositionality cannot arise on its own"

Originally Posted by dvdnvwls View Post
Maté has a great deal to answer for in his blatant disregard for evidence and his off-the-cuff approach to decision making, but in this section of this book he has certainly hit the nail on the head.

Since we agree with the information in this thread.

So we do not derail this thread with other topics you disagree with.

Do you mind if I start a new thread, where if you want, you could post some quotes made by Dr.Mate, that you disagree with, and I could focus on Dr.Mate's quote's you post in disagreement and I could decide whether I agree or disagree, and explain my opinion?

One reason why I like typing out the information from the appropriate sections of "Scattered" based on whatever the specific opening post AD(H)D thread topics is, is so people interested (who do not have a copy of "Scattered") can actually read what Dr. Mate actually wrote in full, and gather their own opinion.

Another reason is because when focusing on the book "Scattered" and ADHD, is one of the times I get motivated enough to practice my typing skills (I am getting faster than when I joined ADDForums) and discussing and typing out the information helps me learn more about the information, that I might have missed in the past.

I'll start working on the new thread discussion, if you want to?

Its okay if you do not want to, I understand what you are agreeing about in this thread, it is just that I am unsure what other different section of the book and different thread subjects you are in disagreement about?

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)

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