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Re: helping him stick to something

I'm not sure what attitude you are asking about? I've been supportive and talked to him about this stuff and tried to be reassuring as much as possible. I'm on the side of " I know it's actually harder for you, but I believe you can accomplish things. It just takes you longer. And even if if you don't become an expert at something it's ok"
But maybe he thinks I'm just being nice and I'm really mad at him.

I'm thinking this is really a matter of self esteem. "If i'm actually good at something I won't hate myself"

We have talked about this stuff together. But it's difficult for him and hard to tell if he believes me when I say I'm not actually judging him.

I think I'm just going to ask him what he thinks I think of him next time.

As a person with Adhd, does anyone feel like there partners are unhappy with them? And what does your partner do or say to make you think this?
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