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Originally Posted by Kelly
I know I should've probably search the forums for an answer, but I'm trying so hard not to lose it that I can barely type.

A few weeks ago I told my boss about my ADD. Now, she's not the most touchy-feely person in the world, but I thought things would be alright. I'm starting to feel like they're trying to FIND things that I'm doing wrong.

They don't seem to understand the fact that June - August, I was unmedicated and unsupervised medically. Now I have a reliable doctor, so I'm TRYING to find ways to work around my problems. It's gong to take a little time to FIND it tho.

My question - am I still covered by the ADA, even if I keep making mistakes because of my ADD? I'm fully qualified for this job, but my brain keeps screwing things up 3 weeks ago I had a "written warning" and I just saw another "discussion page" on the printer for our Admin meeting this afternoon. I can't remember what comes after written

God, right now I feel like telling them, "Just f*$#ing fire me and get it over with!!!"
Kelly this is tough what you are going through I've been through it too. I think that so many people have misconceptions when it comes to ADD. The other thing is that we tend to think about the big picture while most think about the small picture. (At least in my experience). Sometimes it feels like employers just don't "GET" our big ideas.

One thing that's really helped me is believing that everything happens for a reason. Regardless what happens at your job stand up for yourself and your ADD! Be proud of it. You don't have ADD - you ARE ADD and its a wonderful thing. Sure, there are challenges and others will sometimes look at us differently but you are probably the most creative and innovative person in your workplace.

Chin up girl you'll be great. Don't ever doubt yourself! And always be happy for your ADD it really is a gift.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat more I'd be happy to tell you more about my experience.
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