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Re: pi


->- (The Ring)

(actually quite simple)

-> :-) <-
... ... was nice to be helped to think for a change).


1.Take an unwashed male leather thong and cut various bits out - so it's just a long piece of leather.

2.Throw it away (and borrow your kid's metal slinky).

3.Make the slinky into a ring and solder together
(then - assume that
like the Universe
- whichever energetic motion one sets in place - will not be lost - simply continue like a wave (or train) through that non-stinky unwashed thongless
slinky Universe.)
Since it's three dimensional - vibration - is a better word to describe the three dimensional coil which makes up the ring's transport or communication -
- of energy within and through itself (as medium).

4.The ring (which is the name for a coil at n=9)
- since the emergent property after feeding the development of an internal slinky within an external slinky -
carrying motion in a specific wave or vibrational form -
- will be to generate the parent slinky conducting motion in exactly the same manner
(more below - though essentially the
) >>
] >>

progressions from previously - upon a ring.)

-> where n=9 is a series of transformations which results in a set of motions
-> which vibrate about their axes of rotation

- if the ring (imagine a wedding ring) - sits upon floor plane
xz axes
... and has thickness which sits on the y axis - thereby placing the plane of thickness of the ring on plane
xy axes.

Cutting the ring into chunks - will deliver chunks with central plane - starting from the chunk closes to us - out of the screen -
in plane z+y+
........................ - the central plane of the chunk'd be on z+y+
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on x+y+
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on z-y+
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on x-y+

however - if the axes - run through the centre of the ring -
and because we're observing vibration -
so these planes'd be represented by an up and down motion of

........................ - the central plane of the chunk'd be on z+y+ <-> z+y-
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on x+y+ <-> x+y-
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on z-y+ <-> z-y-
90 degrees - CCW - the central plane of the chunk'd be on x-y+ <-> x-y-

(x- y- z-) -> <- (x+ y+ z+) are the fundamental (and reiterating) duals

So + and - relates to arbitrary position relative to the specific type of motion of the coil making up the slinky -
- and the slinky (because it is big)
can be a slinky - within a slinky - within a slinky - within a slinky -

a disordered and large slinky -
- a continuous line - can have pockets of tremendous complexity
(which occurs in local pockets of uneven energetic array) -

- the goal is to dissipate that energy -
- by driving evolution to suck it up.

-> where evolution is plain repetition of that same process.

Evolution then - as unwinding wires ...
... which really is too funny (my obsession is unwinding electrical wires).

:: From another perspective - to simplify ::

There is a fixed amount of energy within the string -
however its disordered nature - relative to the fundamental vibrating string
(which vibrations - defined below)

4.The ring (which is the name for a coil at n=9) may move
-A- in a linear - kinda' like a linear accordion fashion forwards

from previously - this relates to




... can have the internal rotation describe in this thread - of the pentagon which occurs in opposite conformation within positions 1 versus 12 of the dodecahedron
-> a twist -> this translates through to spin state.

So - there's a tendency - at any given point -
forwards (linear motion)
around (spin motion)

Locally - within the Universe - where vectors are meaningful -
there can only be a twist either CW or CCW -
however within that ring -
the linear motion is going to make its way around the ring -

- and is therefore going to make an orthogonal shuffle-
as the train of energy makes each of the three
turns which it needs - to get it to the fouurth turn
- which regenerates motion in the initial direction


^ 90 degrees

<- 90 degrees

v 90 degrees

regenerating -> on the next orthogonal 90 degree turn.

At n=9 the Universe therefore makes a
mini-me (or a mini-it :-) ) ->
a mini-slinky (reprise to perfect pattern of resonance with the fundamentally outer level's motion -
- resonance with Universal motion).

... it's kinda an accordion being squeezed closed -
and it's connected to multiple funny half built upside down and around
accordions -
however - the outer accordion contracts and expands

- only in perfect synchrony with the perfectly aligned n=9 others - at whichever level -
- one cares to look.

However - the important point - is that -
- at whichever level -

multiple different sized accordions at n=9

... the big deal is that regardless - when we hit a structure for the ring at n=9 for all local periodicities -
regardless of whether the ring is running at pockets of

(randomly chosen 9x (s)
-> the whole ring unravels at a perfect progression of 9(s) ...

... have to admit that that's pretty sweet -
as a mechanism -

it's no different to lots of people on a trampoline - of different size -
slowly synchronously coming into synchronous bouncing -

when all of the individuals are bouncing up and down together -
- the individuals will be jumping as if only 1 thing is jumping -

down -
up +

in dual -

regardless of size of individual - synchrony of frequency of periodicity - as determinant of emergence of resonant transfer between these discrete entities ->
an emergent phenomenon

- greater than the sum of parts - the individuals emerge into a system - which may be understood through properties which're essentially independent of the component parts -

- though with important additional point -
- that each stage is simply a replicate of the previous stage -
evolution -> complexity
(complexity == iformation or energy content)

... this is the true basis behind the second law of thermodynamics

(from the BBC + Eboy on ADDF) - as the most important thing that one could ever know)

5.This (when unwound) - ring - into a single ring - with purity of motion (as above) - describes the energetic tendency of the Universe -
Universe as a disordered ring - attempting to shake itself apart -
- will repeat cycles of local evolution to shake itself apart and attempt to travel through local energetic stabilities -

in high energetic pockets -
we might arrive at n=9 x 100
in low energetic pockets at
n=9xsmaller number eg 2

It's really only a method of efficient energy dissipation -
because instead of having to spend ages ironing out energy levels -
all we need do - is make local pockets into nice stable n=9 systems -
so that we can collapse the system down.

Really - it's real sweet -

- and that bit - is kinda' like a series of different metals with vastly different heat capacities - and with a current passing through -
being allowed to emerge into a whole -
when the individual components reach a stability -

- instead of awaiting the same temperature within each section of the rod -

- that wasn't such a good example - though the principle that a complete even density of energy need not be attained within the ring -

- is sweet.

Resonance rocks ...

... I think that that's essentially it then ... (essentially) ...


... Evanescence ... Fallen ...

... ... ... going both
somewhere and nowhere
over and under... ... ...
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