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Shane72 02-27-19 11:16 AM

Concerta and Ritalin
I have been taking Concerta for a few months. I have settled on 36mg for now with no issues and it is working very well. I take it at 8 every morning and I can sense it has largely worn off by 3-4 in the afternoon. My doc gave me some Ritalin to try as a booster to get thru the afternoon and evening. I understand this is common practice.

My understanding is that the base med is the same in both meds and that only the delivery mechanisms are different. My question is if this is true, why is it that I am having side effects with the Ritalin that I have Iíve never had in Concerta. Not only am I having side effects it doesnít help at all. This happens on even a quarter tablet 2.5mg.


Morgan_1397 03-01-19 01:05 PM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
I am on the same regimen, except I am on 27 mg Concerta in the morning and I take 10 mg Ritalin as a booster in the afternoon if needed. What side effects are you having from the Ritalin? The only negative side effect I really notice is dry mouth from Ritalin. I have not experienced any negative side effects from the Concerta.

Shane72 03-06-19 03:51 PM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
Thanks Morgan_1397 for your reply. I experienced some irritability, fuzzy headed, lethargy, and some panic symptoms. The panic symptoms strangely enough were the same as the ones I used to have due to caffeine. It is so strange to me how Concerta works so well for me and yet Ritalin causes me problems even at such a low dose, especially given that itís fundamentally the same med.

Morgan_1397 03-07-19 01:01 AM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
So, I am going to go off my knowledge of the chemistry of the medication (i'll have a bachelors in chemistry in two months :) ). The only significant difference between the two that I know of is the amount of the drug that is being released at one time in your body. The amount of drug being released into your body throughout the day from Concerta (since it is extended release) could vary significantly based on how fast your body is metabolizing the drug. If your body is metabolizing the Concerta slowly, which it sounds like it is considering it lasts you a solid 7-8 hours, then you are only getting small portions of the 36mg throughout those 7-8 hours. For example, your body could potentially only be receiving the equivalent of roughly 5 mg per hour of Concerta considering your body sounds like it is metabolizing the drug at for the most part a constant rate. It is also being released into your body a lot smoother than Ritalin, since Ritalin is an immediate release. When it comes to the Ritalin your body might not be used to the way the medicine, regardless of the dosage, is metabolized in your body since it does it so quickly. I hope that somewhat makes sense....I tried my best lol

Shane72 03-07-19 02:03 AM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
Morgan_1397 that makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Looks like I’ll just be sticking solely with the Concerta for now. I’m going to ask my doc about trying 45mg on my next visit, and perhaps stagger the pills so as to have some efficacy later in the day. I was thinking of taking 27mg at my normal time and an 18mg 2-3 hours later.

Morgan_1397 03-07-19 02:45 PM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
Well I hope in the end you find a good regimen! :)

Shane72 03-08-19 07:26 PM

Re: Concerta and Ritalin
Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

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