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sarahsweets 12-08-18 12:26 PM

Some useful tips for the forums' quirks.
I thought about putting this here for the new members but maybe its the wrong place..I just didn't want it to get lost in sections or threads that aren't seen or checked very often.

The forum software is old..unfortunately we have to deal with this until the site owner changes it. Fortunately we have a supportive community and new members are encouraged and welcomed to post(often please! :))

* if you want to subscribe to threads you have to manually subscribe to a thread. This is done by scrolling down to your post before you hit "submit" and selecting the option you want under the "notification type" tab. The default is do not subscribe. It can be a pain but you will get notified (I think by email) that a response has been posted so its easier to find your post or another's post without it getting buried. You must do this with each thread you are interested it. You can turn off these notifications the same way.*

*The search function...ah the search function. I do not know if someone here has found a way to make it flawless or some magical way to make it accurate but personally I find it to be terrible. It sometimes misses key words or posts and sometime members. The results, if you get anything relevant are listed in whatever order the forum decided to list them. It is not consistent. The easiest way I search is to type my query into google followed by "ADD Forums". For example...if you remember a thread that talked about adderall xr generics or even a regular thread in chit chat you would want to type: Adderall xr generics add forums" and then click search. It usually brings up a few results with those titles and subjects and I have found them to be really helpful. If you want to look for the say anything thread you would do the same: "say anything add forums" or "chit chat add forums". I have found this to be WAY better than the search function offered here within the forum.*

*If you want to see a members posts or threads you click on their name, then statistics and then it gives you the option to see all posts or threads started by that member. Be aware though like the search function they are ordered strangely and you have to hunt for what you are looking for.*

*quoting: I hope someone here who is able to adequately explain the quote button chimes in but I have never gotten it. The way I do it is to click the quote button at the bottom of the post to open the reply window with the members' post. Then I go through their post and decide what I want to quote.
Before the line of text I want to quote I type " [.quote] and at the end [./quote] (no periods they are being used to demonstrate) Then under that selected line or paragraph post what I want to say. This can be done through out the post as many times as you wish.
For example: "I like dogs that are cute"
[.quote] before the sentence "I like dogs that are cute" then type[./quote] at the end. I inserted a period only to highlight how it is done. In reality it is just this:

I like dogs because they are cute
Here is where I write what I want to say and if I want to quote the line right after the same thing applies: "Dogs are not cute"

"Dogs are not cute"
This has become second nature to me, and maybe it doesn't work for everyone but it was broken down for me this way and it saved me. *Remember, no periods(.).*

* Editing. I think you have 30 minutes to edit. After that all bets are off. You can never erase all of what you said, once you post it, that post response is there. When I have decided that I did not mean to respond or say something and I am still in the edit window I will go into the post, delete it and leave five periods. so ".....". This at least saves me from being a jerk or sharing wrong info or whatever. And don't feel like you HAVE to give a reason for editing. I barely do its just an option, not a requirement (unless you are a mod.)*

*New posts: Sometimes it will seem like there are no new posts but as I scroll down I see some anyway. Or I will have to go into the "forum jump" tab and check other sections and there will be new posts. Sometimes new posts just go away and do not even pop up under new posts. I have no idea if that has to do with how many views it gets, responses or whatever. I just know that I have to check individual sections I am interested in instead of relying on the new posts tab.
Sometimes when you click new posts you get that message about their not being any new posts and then a hyperlink that says "Click here to see posts in the last 24 hours". Very often I have seen actual new posts when I click there and I can't explain it. And this situation has happened to me a lot so I always go through the sections I like anyway.*

I am hoping to add to this thread as I remember things and other members are encouraged to as well. Just remember if you do add a tip, explain it well and break it down. Its overwhelming as a new member especially if you have never used a forum.

I hope what I have shared is helpful (and accurate) and easy to find for new members.
(and, welcome to the dark side;))

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