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peteoz 07-13-06 04:40 AM

32 yo male like to talk to late adhd diagnosed
Would love to chat with others who like me been diagnosed late with adhd. I am struggling to come to terms with correct treatment and possibility of ever having my life back. I am confused, find it hard to express myself although the meds are so much better than antidepressants...

Feel free to add me to your msn on (email/IM name removed my moderator)

~boots~ 07-13-06 04:54 AM

Pete..Welcome :-) ANOTHER AUSSIE..:D

You will need to remove your email link though. You can add it in your profile instead.:p
I'll pop back here later, as I am about to go home, so we can talk more
You only have 30 mins to edit one of your posts, so if you get back in time, please fix it up :-)
PS If you don't get back in time, a moderator will fix it for you, so don't worry too much :p

Animal 07-13-06 05:11 AM

Welcome Pete!

I'm Animal, 31 from Sydney. I was diagnosed early in life. I'm sure you'll find some valuable information and people here.


~boots~ 07-13-06 10:04 PM

Pete, maybe you could do a post in the new members introduction area :-) Here is a link to help you get started
and one for the Aussies
Tracy :-)

jobiedobie2000 08-17-06 05:19 PM

concerta sucks for me i dont like it it caused my anxiety to get outta whack i was on 36 mgs and well now i am not on meds i just am to scared and choose not to be on meds ritilin was good and i have heard good things about addelrall just my opinion thats all

ravcat 01-06-07 02:13 PM

I was diagnosed at the age of 32 (three months ago).
I am a doctor.
But my life is a mess.

Kiisethwa 01-06-07 03:01 PM


I am 37 - was dx'ed @ age 34 (I think) - & would love to hang out with other adults who were dx'ed later in life!

After our little one was born (I was 31, she is now 6 in February), I was dx'ed severe postpartum depression, which may've fit at the time for awhile, and put on antideps.

Then I realized that what was causing me depression & anxiety were the symptoms of a.d.h.d. so I went to the doc, who sent me to a counsellor, who began dx.

We moved north/east of Dallas when I recieved my dx letter.

I just let it go for a short while, then decided that if I am ADHD, then I need to be treated for IT, not dep/anx. (What a great idea!! lol)

I am at this moment being weaned off of Effexor XR, and slowly introducing Elavil into my system which will replace the Eff.

Then, I have a followup appt. to see how things are going.

chrisgski1 02-04-07 10:42 PM

Hello previous posters to this thread. I am 36 and was just diagnosed, we are still "discussing" treatment options. I have also battled with the co-morbid problems of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, even a post partem depression or two for years now and we only recently linked them all. I have so much to learn but I suppose I have a little head start as my son was diagnosed 4 years ago (hello is there a clue there?) I think i live in denial! Any way, I would love to get to know more and meet up with people in a similar situation. Hugs all.

dickeysh 02-05-07 11:15 AM

That is me Kiisethwa--diagnosed at age 32 1/2 --battled postpartum depression, anxiet, OCD (I have picked my entire pinky fingernail off), and then I got cancer and now am in menopause. So, it is hard to know what is hormones and what is the ADHD. I can't believe I lived this long and didn't know I had it.
I teach 24 first graders in Iowa and I deal with "those kids" every day.

Any females struggle with sexual intimacy and this area??

Great to meet all of you, SD

dickeysh 02-05-07 11:18 AM

I am on Adderall XR (makes me feel like super woman), wellbutrin, prozac---

By the end of the day I am down and tired. But I love Adderall and it helped me trim off 10 lbs that I needed to lose. Now I am getting my appetite back.

I struggle with housework, organization, and trying to keep it together. What do you struggle with. I also have verbal diarreah (spell?)--I am a chatty cathy and always have been. :)

dickeysh 02-05-07 11:19 AM

Peteoz and everyone else,

How did you know you had it and what was the turning point to getting your ADD diagnosis?

Have you read Delivered from Distraction? It is ssoooooo wonderful!

astroellij 02-27-07 09:17 AM

Hi this is my first post Im 40 and was diagnosed 2 months ago, funny story..I always thought I was a bit different, could never tell you the order of seasons, remember what I had for breakfast or quiet the constant chatter going on in my head. I found it extremely hard to stick to a task but was constantly driven to take on more stuff. I had piled on weight after my 2 children and was at my wits end to get rid of it, finally getting a prescription for duromine. After 4 days I went to the doctor and told him that for the first time in my life I felt I had control over my impulses (not just eating) I could walk past a great on sale bargin and resist, my thoughts stayed on track and I felt that for the first time in 20 years my energy level was back to normal. The doctor asked about my childhood and when he found out all the trouble I had had at school and as a teenager he refered me to a phsyciatrist. I have started on dexamphetamine now on 30mg per day and I look forward to each new day. Time seems to have taken on a different state, I have so much more patience and believe I am alot more fun to live with. I am also a regular church goer and must admit at first had to battle with the whole meds thing. I now realize that my families well being and happiness are my first priority and other people will just have to deal with their own judgements.

Sargon 02-27-07 11:49 AM

Diagnosed around 33 ... Trust me, you're young enough to get your life back with proper treatment.

cwbyjohnson 03-14-07 07:36 AM

Diagnosed at 36 and put on dexedrine, couldn't be happier since.

acceptance 05-10-07 06:49 AM

quack diagnosed me first 44,at the time 41 and a half,i think,anyway....better for myself...not so sure about the others around me.:)

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