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Funky1 03-05-19 02:50 PM

ADD vs. Borderline personality disorder
A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with BPD and it got me thinking and doing some research into it. I noticed there are a lot of similar symptoms between the two, and now I can't help wondering if the fact that ADD meds don't seem to really help me all that much points to the possibility that maybe my problem is something else entirely. The main issues that plague me are centered around impulsiveness, a history of reckless behavior, and various social and mood issues. The reason I'm starting to look more closely at BPD is because one of the main symptoms listed appears to be an overwhelming fear of abandonment, and a whole host of issues stemming from it. that one hits close to home for me, and wood definitely help to explain a lot of the problems I have come across through my life.

My question is, might there be anyone here who has followed a similar path of discovery? Anyone who thought they had attention deficit disorder and then came to find out that it was actually a personality disorder instead? I know, I know... Ask my doctor. The problem is I just barely acquired new health insurance, and as such will be searching for a new doctor as soon as my card arrives, so as of now I am pretty much on my own. Thought I would throw some feelers out here to see if maybe anyone had some similar experiences that could potentially help point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

midnightstar 03-05-19 06:08 PM

Re: ADD vs. Borderline personality disorder
One of my diagnosises is emotionally unstable personality disorder/borderline personality disorder/whatever you want to name it (both names are for the same thing), I'd say it's possible that you have that instead of ADD but I am not a medical professional so cannot say for sure either way, best advice I can give you is when your card comes through and you can register with a doctor (or however it works over there) then it's best to see what the doctor says :grouphug:

What I will say is BPD is no fun :(

CharlesH 03-05-19 08:18 PM

Re: ADD vs. Borderline personality disorder
It could help to reflect upon whether the ADHD symptoms could lead to BPD symptoms, or vice versa. For instance, perhaps your ADHD symptoms causes problems with work, relationships, etc, and that leads to emotional problems. Or perhaps your emotional problems cause your ADHD symptoms? Obviously, if can be difficult to figure out which comes first, but just something to reflect upon if you haven't already!

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