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trevors_mom 04-29-09 01:28 PM

Proud Moments
I thought it would be good to share something that made us proud about our ADHD kids this week, kinda a lift me up type thread. I will go first.

yesterday we were moving our Hoosier and the place I wanted to move it it woudl not fit, I measured and looked and told T that it wont fit. He looked for a few minutes then said

Mom if you pull the TV stand out a bit then the book shelf can move over and it will fit.

Well he was right! I was so proud that he figured that out on his own, and he was paying attention.

Justtess 04-29-09 08:39 PM

Re: Proud Moments
My teen son had been giving us a difficult time the last month.... consistently. It just seemed like it was very hard being around him positively. I think I just kept communication simple and as unemotional as possible.

This week... it's kinda strange. He has been polite, taking care of responsibilites, caught himself talking back, watched using bad language, anger isn't over the top, and stopped being bullyish with his younger brother. He's kinda pleasant to be around and we have been telling him how much we appreciate all of this.

I guess I'm proud that eventhough the last month was like a tornado and he had messed up some of his grades, projects, and relationships with friends... he has picked himself up and keep moving forward without wallowing in the past.

Driver 04-29-09 08:53 PM

Re: Proud Moments
Cute anecdote, and props to the young-lad: he's spatial ability is coming along swimmingly. :)

ditzydreamer 05-01-09 12:18 PM

Re: Proud Moments
It may not be a huge deal to some, but my 8 year old daughter got out the door for school ON TIME this morning, even after doing her routine "search & panic" for her agenda!

I do hope more posts come along, it's helped me to remember (at least for today) to praise, praise, praise the smallest of victories!! ;)

Lady Lark 05-01-09 03:22 PM

Re: Proud Moments
I have one, it'd from awhile ago though.

At a school assembly, they were asking the kids questions, and giving prizes for the right answer. So Steven (who's not great at articulating himself) gets up in front of the whole school, answers the question correctly, and gets his prize, a backpack. he already has one.

So what he decides to do is give the backpack to another kid who needs one. So his teacher tells me that as all these kids are clamoring for Steven to pick them (k-3rd graders) he's walking up and down the rows looking very intent, before he picks a kid, who he doesn't know, to give the backpack to. That kid's teacher later told Steven's teacher that boy really did need one, and was in a situation where his parents couldn't afford to get one.

He didn't keep it. He didn't say no thanks (which is what he usually would have done), but instead went out of his comfort zone to be nice to a kid he didn't know.

It still chokes me up to think about it.

kylene29 05-06-09 11:53 AM

Re: Proud Moments
My 6 year old who is ADHD with ODD can say mean things at times but he told me the other day I was the most prettiest Mother in the world hehehe it made me feel good.

Justtess 06-03-09 07:59 AM

Re: Proud Moments
My DS15 has a way of saying he's truely sorry (which seems difficult for him because it is usually not his fault). He cooked an entire dinner before I got home from work. It was great! There was no evidence of playing video games while cooking (whew), stove was turned off and didn't need reminding (whew), and I didn't know he could make chicken cordon bleu.

Another time when he was in 4th grade, he baked brownies by himself when he thought everyone was mad at him.

Usually when he wants to cook something like an omlete, it is not ..........

Anyway, I'm proud that he can cook when he concentrates and he found a great way to appologize without using any words.

ABCinUT 06-08-09 11:09 PM

Re: Proud Moments
As a teacher I often keep extra books at home for my daughter. She has actually picked up a math workbook to work on with her dad!!! And, she doesn't even like to do math!

Justtess 06-21-09 12:03 PM

Re: Proud Moments
Things seem to be moving up! I had seriously thought about rehoming our siberian husky because he is a handful and there was a lot of work to sort out with my DS15. Our whole household seemed to have turned upsidedown this last school year. My DS15's relationship with the husky was also turning a bit negative, so I had to lay some ground non-negotiable rules.

1. No physically harming the dog.
2. Respect the dog.
3. No cohersion or bullying.

The consequences:

The dog has a right to protect himself and if it results in a dog bite, that could lead to his dog being put down.
Being cruel to an animal is not acceptable and unlawful.
Any sign of abuse and I will have to place the dog in a rescue.

I have to spell this out for my DS15 in advance and bluntly as he likes to redefine the definitions. These are not up for discussion and non-negotiable.

Our husky is not the most affectionate. His attitude is generally - if you respect me I will respect you. He's the most stubborn and doesn't care to please... but he will if he respects you.

For the past year, it seemed as though my son and our husky avoided each other. I sensed my son was a bit fustrated in trying to win over the husky as he tends to listen to me and whines when I'm not around.

This past month, I think the both of them have learned to communicate positively. The husky realized he has to give him a hard nose poke, a paw scratch, and when my son makes eye contact.... the husky does a head flick towards the door before my son 'gets it'. He has also learned to take my son's 'high valued item' like his cordless xbox controller, prance infront of him towards his empty food bowl.

My son has also learned to watch for stress signals from the husky... lowered ears, tail between legs. He has also learned the simplest things.. like a walk to the park.. buts the biggest smile on the husky.

I hope this post doesn't inspire anyone to run out and get a husky.... they are so high maintenance, I doubt we could take care of him if we didn't work together....

wondra 06-22-09 02:55 PM

Re: Proud Moments
What an awesome thread!

My 14yr daughter (I haven't figured out the initial thing yet) - just won an award at her graduation for affecting change in the world through creativity. I feel so blessed to have found a place where her uniqueness and creativity is celebrated and her challenges with lack of focus, organization etc. are not used against her. She is held accountable and has to do detention etc. but is not belittled or forced into ways of studying that will never work for her :D

Valerie3 07-08-09 06:48 AM

Re: Proud Moments
A few months ago, I posted about my six year old adhd son refusing to learn anything at school. I don't mean not being able, but downright refusing, as school was 'stupid'.

Only 2 months ago I had a good talk with him (to which he really listened for the first time, thanks to a med switch), where I explained that going to school was not an option, but required by the law and 'the police'. It's not like soccer practice, which he was allowed to quit after lots of whining. I explained that the only result of his refusal would be that he would have to go even longer to school, if he were to repeat (our Belgian equivalent of) first grade.

That really sunk in, and my son changed overnight from the most difficult kid in the classroom with the lowest marks to a model student (with some adhd outbursts, of course.) And he did what nobody thought possible any more at that point of the schoolyear: he learned al the stuff that the other kids did ten months about in only two months, and came home with a good average report cart. We are so proud of him!
The little *** hasn't given up his refusal completely though. He came up with a new strategy: next year he will try to have grades that are so good, that the school will allow him to skip a year :-) Not very likely, but I admire his creativity!

trevors_mom 07-21-09 11:11 AM

Re: Proud Moments
Trevor told me last night that he could not wait to go to school I was so excited he has never wanted to go to school.

Justtess 07-21-09 03:04 PM

Re: Proud Moments
My DS16 has been doing the dishes (his choice of chore) for the entire week without reminding. He also found all of the dishes and wiped the counter down which is what he would forget to do in the past. :D

MyGuysMom 07-27-09 08:48 AM

Re: Proud Moments
My DS, age 8, had a great time at Create Your Own Computer Game Camp. He was the youngest there - some kids will be going to high school in the fall - and he actually created a game. And, he's so proud of it.

zerby1470 07-31-09 01:38 AM

Re: Proud Moments
I actually was able to read an entire book (Llama, Llama, mad at Momma) to my daughter, and she was able to follow along. She is entering the 1st grade, and it is "under her grade level" but I was able to finish a book with her and she was there the entire time. It has never happened before. Apparently the Concerta and Clonidine mix is working....I almost cried. It is hard to not to envy the parents that take storytime for granted.

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