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nicoarg 02-01-17 04:52 PM

Avoid concerta on weekends
Hi, im new here, im from argentina .
This is my situation: im 23, diagnosed with add 3 months ago and prescribed 1 month ago concerta 36 mg, and now 54.
my question is if avoiding my dose on weekends will help with tolerance ?

dvdnvwls 02-02-17 04:10 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
Welcome to the forum!

There are people who say it helps, but when it has been seriously studied, it seems that it does not help to stop on weekends.

Probably the best protection is to keep your dose as low as possible (but still enough to work).

Fuzzy12 02-02-17 04:59 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
I found that the side effects were very had on Monday whenever I stopped on the weekends. Also I realised that my weekends were wasted if I didn't take my meds.

I used to take a slightly smaller dose on weekends...mainly he cause I usually forgot to take my last pill for the day.

Not everyone develops tolerance. If you do you can always just stop for a few days to see if it helps.

Fraser_0762 02-02-17 05:32 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
It really depends what you mean by "tolerance". People tend to develop a tolerance to the "feeling" of the medication. That doesn't mean it isn't still working however. If you take breaks, you will "feel it" more when you start taking it again.

But chasing the "feeling" can be a dangerous path to go down. It's not really the purpose of the medication. Even if it does feel good.

C15H25N3O 02-02-17 06:17 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
Methylphenidate is a reuptake-inhibitor for norephenedrine and dopamine.
This means it keeps NOR and DA in the synaptic cleft. But it also means
the presynapse does decrease its output of NOR and DA. I believe it depends
on the dosage or how much inhibition you have how it affects breaks with
withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms happen while the presynapses slowly
increases NOR/DA-output. Personally I experienced some sleepiness and it took
me 3-5 days to re-regulate my NOR/DA-output to feel regular awake which also
depended on the dosages and the length of the continous intake.

I think breaks on the weekend or when ever needed are good – almost if it they
function only to check if the meds change someone or which effect all over they
have – not just reducing the symptoms of ADHD.

No one can give you an advise and you have to try it out on your own. The only
micro-advise I can give you, is not to dosage to the max until friday evening but
hoping for a happy weekend immediately having a break. You should decrease
the dosage on thursday and take only a minimal dosage on friday not to
experience withdrawal symptoms.

Concerta is luxury when its up to duration but its a PITA when it is about dosaging.

coolbanana 05-20-17 01:51 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
If you stop will you not get withdrawal symptoms ? How long does it take to get withdrawal symptoms ?

ohlookakitty 05-25-17 05:49 PM

Re: Avoid concerta on weekends
I had elevated exhaustion (more mental) at times when I didn't take it continuously or it will kick in really hard when I started back on Monday.

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