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Mommabirdie 05-23-19 07:23 PM

Hi- first post here.
My son has always had attention issues and was prescribed Concerta in the 8th grade (about 2 years ago). He has been on 27mg for just over a year. He doesnít take meds on weekends or summer. For the last 5/6 months he has been complaining of lightheaded ness, dizziness. Weíve had consults and blood tests. His most recent checkup he has lost 6 lbs (and he has grown about 5 inches this year). The dr. Is now decreasing the dose (with the goal of switching to something new) and sending him to psych for a med consult. Iím just wondering, is there anyone else who has had an experience like this on Concerta? Heís constantly complaining of dizziness but heís not great at explaining the exact feeling. Sometimes he wonders if it is the meds or something else and he is always all stressed about it. Thanks in advance for any advice. Iím really worried.

aeon 05-23-19 08:41 PM

Re: Concerta and dizziness
Given he did not experience lightheadedness/dizziness at the beginning of med therapy, it isn't likely to be the Concerta. For what it is worth, 27mg is a small dose of that med.

How is his diet? Caloric needs greatly increase when growing as he is. Unless he had childhood weight to lose, losing weight when growing in height seems odd. Insufficient calories can lead to lightheadedness/dizziness.


Mommabirdie 05-24-19 10:05 AM

Re: Concerta and dizziness
Thanks Ian. He has no childhood weight to lose and has become very thin at 5í11 and 136 lbs. He is a picky eater and never eats a good breakfast (he is literally never hungry in the morning and has been that way since early childhood, his natural hunger kicks in 1-2 hours after waking.) So it could definitely be calorie related.

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