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Daniel1970 07-03-19 02:49 PM

Learning from your kids
Sometimes your kids teach you things. I think that’s one of the coolest things about being a parent.

Recently, we were vacationing in Williamsburg, VA, and Riley was running the halls of the hotel with me one night when she sidled up to a teenage girl walking ahead of us.

“Hi!” Riley started, in her usual forthright manner.
“Hi there!” said the girl.
“I have ADHD!” announced Riley. “That means, um…”
“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” I filled in, cringing inwardly.
“I have to take my medicine every day so I can FOCUS!” Riley concluded with a triumphant tone to her voice.
The girl’s reaction took me by surprise. “Wow, you really OWN it!” she said with admiration in her voice. “You have no fear. You’re a really cool girl!”

That girl’s reaction ran counter to every expectation I’ve ever had of how I expect people in my own life to react to bald honesty about who I am. The lesson Riley taught me that night was: be yourself, completely, and whatever follows will be the best possible outcome.

Fuzzy12 08-09-19 06:55 PM

Re: Learning from your kids
Thanks for sharing. that is a lesson that many of us can do with. Definitely me. It's funny how it feels so counter intuitive to be just yourself whereas for a lot of kids it's the most natural thing in the world. As it should be. I have spent most of my life trying to hide behind a mask and now I wish I could stop wearing it. Well done Riley!!

Daniel1970 09-04-19 01:39 PM

Re: Learning from your kids
Yes, I've taken to being very open about my ADHD - it's pretty darn easy to work into a self-deprecating joke, for one thing! And I found noone really bats an eyelid, even at work. Some people's work places may not be as accepting as mine, of course...


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