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soulsearcher 12-27-18 10:51 AM

brain fog and adhd

Since very young i have had issues with my thoughts drifting and losing focus and having a hyper mind

I have had my first meeting with cams and it went well even though i kept the guy 30 mins over his time lol

The adult cams had there meeting ten people were present and i have been referred to an adult adhd centre for more checks.

my main issue at the moment is i cant function its like a tipsy feeling every single day but to the point where i nearly got run over.

if i use the kettle i have to even watch my mind doesn't drift

also i have broken my laptop screen as i was not thinking properly.

all tests from gp were fine even MRI scan what i need to know is has this happened to any of you before.

I take sertraline 50mg at moment i used to take 200mg dont think its that.

I used to have a car but not now. I am also job hunting but I know i would not be able to hold down a job I just cant even listen to my music as it makes me hyper and sets the adhd off.

can any of you people relate to this I just don't know what to do

Thank you for reading

Ronelh 12-28-18 04:06 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
Oh yes, my thoughts drift all the time! I've learned to compensate pretty well for the most part, but it still gets annoying. My most common thing is walking into rooms and forgetting what I went in there for. I usually have to retrace my steps (sometimes more than once) to remember it.

Another top problem for me: my mind drifts badly in group settings if the conversation isn't stimulating - then I start focusing on stupid things like the fly buzzing around the room or the cat washing herself in the corner. By the time I realize my mind has wandered, the conversation has moved on without me, and I have to try to figure out what they're talking about. This is one area I'm still working on, it can be a real problem sometimes!

Anyway, I think there are a lot of us who have trouble with drifting thoughts and "spacing out". It sounds like your problems are quite extreme though. I hope you can find some help with this!

Drogheda98 12-29-18 04:56 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
something that, for myself, I have come to realize is to know what does it for me and what doesn't.

currently I have a bit of the mental fog, so last session(therapy) we went over when I didn't have any brain fog. for instance, when I studied a lot, math and econ, had more of a social life, played music frequently(uptodate on that), read the things I liked more frequently, did things that I enjoyed and could really feel good about myself with. worked out regularly and meditated/mindfulness.

all those things are what "works" for my particular brain and mind. to be mentally sharp you have to do the things that work for your own brain/mind, in other-words....

I think when we are young we are brought up in people pleaser mode, just hedging a guess that a lot of us probably had overcontrolling authority figures who knew what was "best" for us. thing is, we all have different brains, what works for one person doesn't for another, cruising in people pleaser land (and I'm not saying that we shouldn't help others, just that, we should help ourselfs first, if I'm not mentally sharp there is no way I can really help anyone else, the way I word things and think becomes clouded when I don't do what my brain needs to be focused and sharp).

so, for myself, with help from my therapist(over the years) I have goals in terms of when and why those goals are good for me. my brain is synergistic in math and music, so when I study both math and music those two activities, heh, leverage my brain and I'm able to be better at both those activities, and for brain reasons that are beyond my pay grade, all I can say math and music, and reading, and excersing, and doing what I love doing and being social all work in synthesis to help my brain(ehh, me) be sharp.

I think everyone is different in that context, however, I think everyone is wired just a bit differently to that end as well. took a lot of trial and error to figure that out.

soulsearcher 12-29-18 06:53 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
Thanks for your replies people I had to call the adhd assessment centre a few days ago as i felt really upset. mainly during the day I am just not in my body at all and am worried that i might have an accident or something.

The person said that there is a delay for adhd assessment but has sent an email to the physiatrist to se if there is any way they can se me sooner.

I think it maybe stress that has caused this brain fog as I am worried about my future and I am very limited now what i can do everything takes longer and I am like a zombie every single day plus everything is amplified what ever this is has been very gradual not sure if brain fog does that or not

Thanks again people

Drogheda98 12-29-18 08:39 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
heh, in my experience, I know the zombie thing well. I think we can often identify with things (in otherwords, wear a pseudo mask) that compromises our behaviors and who we are. we all wear masks, like, in saying "I'm a musician" that is a mask, in reality I'm a human that can play a musical instrument. in otherwords, say I'm going to college in a few weeks, I dawn the mask of a student by saying something like "I'm going to be the best student I can be", then the associative set of skills are active and I talk and walk like a student. however, I'm not a student, I'm a human that is going to go to college in a few weeks.

it's odd to think about, that the masks we dawn can affect who we are in that light, however the behavior change associated in taking off a mask (with an ego statement or I statement). so, with yourself in mind, just say like, outloud "I'm not a zombie, I'm a human being"

those types of masks are defense mechanisms (to my understanding atleast). we have adhd and the message we can receive by society is one of misunderstanding from society itself so we put on a mask of "otherness" to alleviate (at one point in time when the going got tough) the pain.

thing is, people with adhd often have unique strengths that others don't have. going into a flow state and creativity are two strengths that are often sought after that are like, first nature for me at-least. so on one hand, other people can see the work we can do and be threatened and on the other, you know, people with adhd just want to be who we are. threaning on one hand to others because of the amount of work that I and I'm suspecting others with adhd can barrell though with ease, but quarantening of ourselfs (assuming there) and our abilities precisely because our own natural abilities can be threatening to others and not really ever finding a good balance (other than working on your own which sucks after a while). while not being, you know, this self that we are, ya that brings brain fog cause we can think the correct path is to do what others think we should (having other people control us), however, ignoring the self and what we are good at (what the brain needs to be sharp) is the exact thing that promotes foggy brains.

finding that balance is key.

I would say think to when you were a kid(talking to both of us here) and what you enjoyed doing, because most of us, when we where young, went along with the natural self, the stuff our brains pretty much told us what we were meant to do and to be optimal. when you find what feels right to do, it just feels right to do, and ignore the naysayers.

PI-ADHD 29 12-30-18 03:25 AM

Re: brain fog and adhd
What's brain fog exactly? I really want to know if some symptoms that i've had almost all my life are brain fog or something another?
-I was a student who couldn't listen to teacher many times since primary school. I could never understand the subject just by listening the teacher at class. I had to study on book at home to learn the subject. I can remember now when i was a student i had answered teacher's question absurtly,irrevelantly a few times.
-In conversations i forget things too quickly. Also sometimes i'm misunderstood by people because i think about the subject too deeply,complex. And i expect he/she can also figure out what i think or mean,but many times people can't think so deeply, they just think simply. I'm misundestood because i can't think simply or i think in a very different way.
-When i go to another room to take smthg, i forget why i came, many times.
-I know most of add have racing thoughts. But just the opposite, many times i feel like my brain stop. I think that's because of hyperactive-inattentive difference.

Drogheda98 12-30-18 04:02 AM

Re: brain fog and adhd
brain fog isn't exactly forgetting a word, the like "uhhh, what is that word". I think that is just an adhd thing.

to me brain fog has two distinct characteristics. one of those outer world things, where the fog is all you can think of, or when you can think back to when you where mentally sharper.

tudorose 12-30-18 09:03 AM

Re: brain fog and adhd
If you feel like you are not in your body or as I term 'here but not here' that is not ADHD its derealisation or depersonalisation.

I have ADHD but the brain fog I experience now is much more debilitating since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

You need to get to the bottom of whatever is going on and rule out any more serious issues.

soulsearcher 12-30-18 05:44 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
Thank you for your replies derealisation or depersonalisation would make sense I still think I have adhd as ever since i have know I have zoned out no focus and lost many jobs.

plus all of the hyper things

but since this has happened it prompted me to go to gp and they sent me to cams for assessment.

I am sure that there must be someone who had adhd derealisation or depersonalisation as i think i have both i am waiting to se what the psychiatrist says not sure if they can se me sooner or not

I am worried about my safety while i am like this I just hope i can get both of them sorted out

tudorose 12-30-18 10:09 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
I had derealisation as far back as childhood. On and off. I would look at my watch to bring me back to reality. It got really bad after a PTSD event in my 20s. I believe its PTSD/ anxiety related. You may have multiple issues going on as well as ADHD. Most of us do

Greyhound1 12-30-18 11:57 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
For me, brain fog starts in the morning. It’s like waking up physically but not totally mentally at varying degrees. Brain fog sets in usually when my OCD mind is totally spent. The fog can last an hour or all day.

I don’t want to think about anything or much and tend to stare without really seeing. Just a blank stare observing nothing. Mindless starring can last minutes or an hour. Feels like my brain is taking a nap. It feels burned out and operating at half speed to conserve energy. Looking off into space and thinking about nothing does feel healing. It sucks though especially, at work.

Lunacie 12-31-18 06:15 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
I'm so much like tudorose. Fibromyalgia flares (I'm in one currently) increases
my usual adhd brain fog. PTSD can do the same thing when it happens. And
of course depression is a big contributor to having brain fog. Isn't it lovely when
the fog clears and we can actually think clearly, at least for a little bit.

soulsearcher 01-13-19 02:11 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
Thanks for all of your replies people just an update.

I call adhd service two times as over the holidays thinks,were very bad but i was told the second time there is Twenty people before me to se adhd service so i have to wait approx 8 weeks.

I can hardly function its every single day. yesterday, i did not cook our fish properly because i could not think straight.

I hope to try gp tomorrow to se if they can help work out what it is.

not sure if its anxiety. its at a point where i just cant do anything i like doing . I nearly broke my new glasses yet again but managed to fix them.

if gp doesn't do anything i may have to try the hospital as i am worried i am going to have an accident like this, I can tell the adhd side of things but this blarr feeling is not right i thought it might be my antidepressants but am on 25 mg now from 200mg with no difference.

Thank you for reading

Drogheda98 01-13-19 02:35 PM

Re: brain fog and adhd
something that my therapist said, and it won't make any sense at first. for a while I think I had a bit of derealization (living outer world instead of inner). thoughts I had would be on signs, I was bored so I would look at a board(like a piece of board).

there is an inner world and an outer world. I would suggest doing a bit of research on that.

soulsearcher 01-17-19 11:09 AM

Re: brain fog and adhd
Just an update people seams like it was my sertraline (Zoloft) 25mg causing the problem

i have not taken them for five days now and i can function again. I am starting to feel myself again but just feel a bit angry and get upset feel emotional at times.

I hope this settles down also like the adhd is worse when i go out side i get non stop music and random thoughts at home is a bit better now least i can function until i get the adhd assessment

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