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Abi 01-21-12 02:02 PM

Re: Should Abi quit Grad School?
THe draft I emailed her

Saboit 01-21-12 02:05 PM

Re: Should Abi quit Grad School?
I want this to be messaged to me too please:)
I would like to read. I have already got one from lamb that I am trying to read. I will eventually...

Luvmybully 01-21-12 02:16 PM

Re: Should Abi quit Grad School?
ugggg I had a WHOLE ******* post typed out and hit that magic button the erased the whole damn thing.

So, far less eloquently than what I had before, but paraphrased:

Leaving school does not = disappearing off the face of the earth.

Leaving school does not = no longer using your superior intelligence, strengths and skills.

There IS opportunity outside of a classroom to fully utilize your intelligence.

School is toxic to certain individuals' mental health and is not always worth the tremendous effort it takes to get through it.

Most adult human beings must have a way of earning money to support themselves. Generally speaking, a college education is required to be able to do that in a truly independent manner. However, grad school is not ALWAYS a necessity.

It is entirely possible that some may feel pressured to continue their education when it is really not going to better their lives if they do.

Quitting is just as easily called changing paths. Altering your direction. Choosing a different road. "Quitting" has such a negative connotation that doesn't necessarily automatically fit the situation.

So Abi, if I could change my vote I would. Staying in school just because you are highly intelligent is NOT the correct answer for you if everything in you is telling you that you DO NOT want to do it.

You should only stay in school if getting that advanced degree TRULY has value to you. That you can know in your heart that the effort it will take to achieve it will be worth it to you and you WANT it.

It is not a failure if you choose not to go. It is not a lacking of anything in you if that degree doesn't have enough value for you to make it worth the effort to earn it.

It doesn'e mean you QUIT. It means you chose a different path.

APSJ 01-21-12 02:47 PM

Re: Should Abi quit Grad School?

Originally Posted by Abi (Post 1236455)
I have my first deliverable due and I already don't want to do it.

The truth is, I don't want to do anything except chill.

Aren't I bluffing myself about wanting to extend my education, let alone going to WORK again after (I hate work and it makes me physiclly sick, I have vowed in the past NEVER to work again.)

I think the advice others have given about considering why you're doing it in making this decision is valid.

However, I voted 'no' don't quit, because it seems to me like you're questioning whether *any* education or *any* 'non-chilling activity is right for you, rather than if you've chosen the right field.

I think a simple cost benefit analysis reveals that the potential benefits of continuing this endeavor, unless you become confident that it's not right for you, outweigh the costs. My thinking is, you're relatively young, and this program will take a few years of your life tops, right? That being the case, you'll have plenty of opportunities to quit the program, or later abandon a career in the field, and go back to chilling without having wasted all that much time. And, quitting is easy to just..stop. So, if there remains an at all significant chance that this degree/career would make you feel more fulfilled and content for the majority of your life, it's not a lot to sacrifice to find out if it's the case.

In contrast, consider the resistance you had to overcome to start this program, and the effort that went into it. Starting is not easy to do. My guess is also that quitting would make starting again even harder next time, and that the passage of time would magnify the difficulty. Thus, quitting now will likely mean you'll have a harder time in the future should you decide it was the right path after all, and potentially miss out on substantial long-term benefits.

Financial considerations might alter the level of certainty that it's *not* for you required to quit, I suppose...

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