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EYEFORGOT 11-09-06 10:37 PM

**How do I???** START HERE!! Frequently Asked Questions
This thread is for the most frequently frequently asked questions. These come up over and over. So here they are, in one place, click on it for your answer. If you have any questions or if you have a question not listed here, you can post a new thread or contact a moderator or administrator.

How do I...

post a thread?

read or send a private message?

post a signature at the bottom of my posts?

post an avatar (a picture by my username)?

quote someone's post in mine?

insert a hyperlink?

put someone on my Buddy list or my Ignore list?

report a post?

give reputation points?

access the Private Forums?

create my own user title?

enter the chatroom?

view my warnings?

rate a thread?

change my user name?

find the threads I've posted in?

FAQ in top blue bar of Forum for more.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 06:00 PM

How do I post a thread?
Replying to a post seems pretty straight forward. At the bottom of the thread is "Post Reply", fill it out, and hit "submit".

But how about posting a thread?

Actually, it's about just as simple as replying to a thread.
For example, say you have a question about a medication. You've looked around, but nothing is answering it. So go to the sub-forum with the name of your medication or go into General Medications. (this works for the other sections as well, just pick the section you think best, a moderator will move it if necessary)

1. At the top left you will see "New Thread".
2. Click on "New Thread" and enter a "Title" try to be specific, not just "Have a question".
3. Type your question and any other information you'd like to share.
4. At the bottom click on "submit new thread".

You can also go to the top for "Thread Tools" and hit "Subscribe to thread", that way you can be notified by pm or e-mail if anyone has replied to you.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 06:36 PM

How do I read or send a private message?
In your User CP you can view or send private messages. A way to talk to other members on the forum without an e-mail address that is, well, private.

In the top right corner of the main page, right under where it says
Welcome, Your Name Here there is a link to your "Private Messages". Click there and they will be listed.

Also on the left side of your User CP (or Control Panel) [accessed at the top left of a page] you can click "List Messages".

1. To send a message you click "send new message"
2. Type the username into the recipient box, a subject, type in your message
3. Click "Send".

4. OR, you can click on the name of the user you wish to contact, at the right you will see Send User Private Message, and click there instead.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 09:35 PM

How do I post a signature?
Rather than signing off on every post you can post your own unique signature*.

1. Go to User CP (link at top left corner of page)
2. On the left side will be "Edit Signature"
3. Fill in your own unique signature*
4. Preview your signature first to see if you like it. "Preview Signature"
5. If you like it, hit "Save Signature"

*There are guidelines concerning signature size and content. Please review them here.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 09:51 PM

How do I post an avatar or upload an image?
The avatar is someone's picture next to their User Name. To add one:

1. Go to User CP
2. Click on Edit Avatar
3. Enter a picture you like. If from the web: This thread might help you.
4. Or, click on "Browse" to select one from your own collection.
5. Then "Save Avatar"

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 125 by 125 pixels or 29.3 KB (whichever is smaller).

If you wish to upload an image or file to a post:
1. Hit "Post reply"
2. Scroll down to "Manage attachments"
3. browse and select from your computer
4. click "upload"
5. It will tell you if your file was uploaded successfully, or if your image was too big.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 09:59 PM

How do I post a "quote"?
Perhaps you would like to repeat someone's comment in your post, maybe to answer a specific question or point something out. There are two ways you can do this.

1. Simply click on "Quote" at the bottom of their post. Then type in your text as usual when replying to a post.


2. a) Highlight the portion of their text you wish to quote.
b) Hit "Ctrl C" to copy it (or the two little paper icons at the top of your reply box)
c) Place your cursor in your reply where you wish the quote to appear.
d) On the top right of your reply box there is a small cartoon bubble. When you pass your mouse cursor over it it says "Quote". Press that and brackets will appear where your cursor is.
e) Place your cursor in between those brackets and press Ctrl V to have the text you copied appear. (or the clipboard and paper icon at the top of your reply box)

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 10:16 PM

How do I insert a hyperlink?
If you would like to include a link to another website* or a thread or post in this forum, you can:

1. Highlight the address of the thread, post, or website you are referring to and copy (Ctrl C).
2. Place your cursor in your post where you'd like it to appear and paste it there (or Ctrl V).

If you would like to be able to click on a word or phrase that links to another site, thread or post, you can creat a hyperlink by:

1. Highlight the address of the thread, post or website you are referring to and copy (Ctrl C).
2. Highlight the word(s) in your text you would like to contain the link.
3. Click on the icon at the top of your post box that shows a globe and a chainlink.
4. When the box appears paste (Ctrl V) the address you highlighted.

*Please refer to the specific guidelines regarding websites/links in posts and signatures.

EYEFORGOT 11-18-06 11:03 PM

How to add someone to my Buddy List or Ignore List
The Buddy List is for making a quick link in User CP to pm someone you speak to often. They also have a "+" by their User Name for easy identification that they are online.

The Ignore List is for blocking posts and pms from members that have been problematic for you. We encourage this feature over flaming and heated/angry debates on the board that could result in being issued a warning or at worst, banning.

For either case, go to the user's profile and you will see under their avatar and name the choices to Add to Buddy List or Add to Ignore List. You will have the option to reverse the choice.

EYEFORGOT 11-19-06 09:26 PM

How do I report a post?
If you notice a post that contains spam, a link to porn, flaming another member, or something else that violates our guidelines, you can let the staff know by reporting it to us.

There is a small icon at the top right of a post, a triangle with an exclamation point (!) in it. When you click on it you simply fill in any comment you may have about it and then click "Send Report".

You can also send a private message to a moderator (green or yellow names) or an administrator (names in red) if you prefer.

We appreciate our members communicating any problems to us so that we can keep this forum a supportive, friendly place.

EYEFORGOT 11-19-06 09:39 PM

How do I give reputation points?
Reputation points are a way to acknowledge another member's post/comments.

At the top right of a post is an icon that looks like a scale. When you press that you can choose to leave positive feedback or negative feedback.

You can also be given reputation points. If you don't wish to receive reputation points you can go into your User CP and "Edit Profile".

This thread has some more conversation about it.

The point system works thus:

"reputation" and minimum points required*:

User is infamous around these parts -999999
User can only hope to improve -50
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past -10
User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
User is on a distinguished road 10
User will become famous soon enough 50
User has a spectacular aura about 150
User is a jewel in the rough 250
User is just really nice 350
User is a glorious beacon of light 450
User is a name known to all 550
User is a splendid one to behold 650
User has much to be proud of 1000
User has a brilliant future 1500
User has a reputation beyond repute 2000

*Note: Any parties involved in abusing the reputation system will have any or all reputation points taken away from them. This decision will be final and binding.

EYEFORGOT 01-01-07 06:25 PM

How do I access the Private Forums?
[indent]<p> At ADDF we offer members an opportunity to openly discuss topics in the security of our private forums. All private forums at ADDF are password protected. To be considered for membership, please contact the designated moderator, as listed below, for additional information.

When requesting access, please note the following:
  • Passwords for all private forums will change every 90 days.
  • Under certain circumstances, you may not be re-issued a new password. Inappropriate postings, inactivity, lack of respect for other members, violation of security/trust are all grounds for suspension from the private forums. To discuss access, please contact private forum moderators.
  • Due to the extremely sensitive nature of some of the private forums, a screening process including a letter of introduction may be required. This process is not something to rush through since the safety of our private forum members is of great importance. Your patience and understanding in this matter is appreciated.
  • Membership is granted with the understanding that all topics and discussions within the private sections stay within the security of the private forums. Violations can result in warnings, infractions, or banishment.

The following is a listing of Private Forums available for access:
the passwords are available from any Super Moderator.
1. Men's Private Forum - for gentlemen that desire to privately discuss health, abuse, and general issues.

2. Women's Private Forum - for ladies that desire to privately discuss health, abuse, and general issues.

3. Adult Relationships - for adults with ADHD to discuss relationship issues which may be too sensitive for the public forums. **Must be over the age of 18**

4. Non-ADD Partners Private - for non-ADD partners to privately discuss support and relationship issues.

5. Addiction and Substance Abuse - for members that wish to openly discuss addiction and sobriety.

6. Teens Only Forum - a private forum for Teens Only (13-17 years old).

7. Debate Forum - for members who enjoy discussing news, politics, science, and religion within ADDF etiquette guidelines.

8. Teachers Lounge - a private forum where those in the educational system can discuss ADHD as it relates to students with ADHD and/or teachers with ADHD.

9. Co-existing Conditions - a private forum for those with both ADHD and co-morbid conditions.

**It may take up to two weeks for members to be granted access to private forums**</p>

EYEFORGOT 01-01-07 06:34 PM

How do I create my own user title?
After 2000 posts you can create a title of your very own. It appears under your username next to your avatar.

Here are the titles based on number of posts:

Just Looking - 0 posts
Newbie - minimum 1 post
Jr. Member - minimum 10 posts
Member - minimum 25 posts
ADDvanced Member - minimum 100 posts
Contributor - minimum 250 posts
ADDvanced Contributor - minimum 500 posts
Forum Guru - minimum 750 posts
ADDvanced Forum Guru- minimum 1000 posts
Forum ADDvocate - minimum 1250 posts
Sr. Forum ADDvocate - minimum 1500 posts

EYEFORGOT 01-01-07 06:38 PM

How do I enter the chat room?
Basically you just need the latest version of java, hit "chat", and re-enter your user name and password.

5/2010 Current Status: The chat room is not available at this time. While administration is planning on re-opening it, we cannot give a time estimate. Thank you for your patience. Please enjoy our chit-chat forum for friendly conversation.

EYEFORGOT 01-01-07 06:51 PM

How do I view my warnings?
Warnings are given when members violate our guidelines. They are issued by moderators, super moderators and administrators.

You can view your warnings by visiting any of your posts and click on "View _______ Warnings". You cannot see other member's warnings and they cannot view yours.

There are different levels of warnings, (first warning, minor infraction, second warning, final warning, and major infraction) and once you reach 10 your account is automatically suspended.

When you receive a warning you will also receive, immediately, a private message that says "You have been warned". The moderator/administrator who issued the warning will explain which post violated guidelines and why/how. You can pm the moderator/administrator back if you would like to discuss it further, but usually the decision is final.

EYEFORGOT 01-01-07 06:58 PM

How do I rate a thread?
We encourage members to rate threads they have found helpful or perhaps not useful. An average of the ratings given will reveal the stars that follow the thread in the menu or you can see them at the top of the thread. Threads not rated will have no stars.

Simply go to the top of the thread and hit "Rate this thread". Click on your choice (excellent, good, average, bad, terrible).

Thank you for your input.

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