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Get Real

Posted 02-19-09 at 03:35 PM by RedHairedWitch
(for a friend)

Accept the fact that he is not you

Accept the fact that he is not “normal”

Accept the fact that he will never meet your expectations

Accept the fact that your expectations are unrealistic

Accept the fact that you should have gotten to know him better before you committed your life to him

Accept the fact that the problem is half you and not all him

Accept the fact no one leads a perfect life

Accept the fact that there are dirty socks on the floor

Accept the fact that he really is trying his best

Accept the fact that his best may not be good enough for (see your expectations)

Accept the fact that ADHD is part of your life

Be grateful he doesn’t beat you or cheat on you

Be grateful he has stuck by you all this time

Be grateful that he is trying his best

Be grateful that he loves you more than life

Be grateful he doesn’t complain about you the way you complain about him

Be grateful he doesn’t resent you for trying to force him to be “normal”

Be grateful he hasn’t burned out from years of trying to meet your expectations

Be grateful he hasn’t walked on you and the kids

Be grateful he puts up with your constant nagging

Be grateful he works a hard, dirty, nasty job for you and the kids

Be grateful its only dirty socks on the floor

Be grateful its only ADHD and not something worse


Get real
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    RedHairedWitch's Avatar
    I have very few, next to none, NTers in my life (real life) and the more I read this forum especially the non-ADD partner and the parenting sections, the more I talk to friends who have a NTer in their life causing them grief for not being normal, the more I am glad I have avoided any close relationships with the "normals"

    I think NT doesn't do it justice. How about "perfectionist judgemental martyrs". Yes that works. PJMs
    Posted 02-19-09 at 04:01 PM by RedHairedWitch RedHairedWitch is offline
  2. Old
    I like this A LOT. In college I realized something about myself; I have always found a reason to want to break up with my boyfriends. I do this to friends too, though. It's like, I pull them towards me and push them away when there flaws become apparent to others. Embarassingly, I find the people I connect with are people who aren't completely accepted by society and the people I would like to have a relationship with (social, fun, positive people) cant be what I need emotionally. Why do I do this to the people who adore me, though? It's got to be my ADHD... and then some... Luckily I am good at hiding this problem from the people i'm in a relationship with. Acknowledging this realization while I have these thoughts of breaking up is helping with my current relationship. I just wish I wouldn't go through these spells every day. It's a new relationship, hope it gets better. The good is way better than the bad though.
    Posted 02-23-11 at 03:07 PM by tired1823 tired1823 is offline
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