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Animal lover blues - people suck

Posted 04-04-09 at 08:55 AM by meadd823
Okay a few don't but when I see this scene I really question any notion that man-kind as a species could be the result of "natural selection. I do not recall mother nature being profiled as masochist or suicidal. When people move and leave living creatures whom they have made dependent upon them behind like discarded junk to me humans are nothing but some horrid Divine mistake.

Cats who are left in a feral state {wild not accustom to humans} can and do survive in colonies in most communities. It is kinder to leave a feline feral than it is to domesticate them only to abandon them.

According to the neighbor these people left because a family member was sick - The one thing they did do right was leave them out doors where they had a chance. Some will leave animals locked inside where they usually go un-noticed and starve. I have seen this too and it makes my blood boil

People who move and leave their pets behind often figure people like me will come along and rescue their cats - so why should they feel obligated. The truth is - there is a very slim chance this will happen. Usually the animals are left wondering what happened with many simply waiting until starvation takes them Domesticated one like this will walk up to any one increasing the chances of being abused.

The truth is people like me don't even put a dent in the pet population problem. It takes absolutely no time at all to run out of resources. I am to the point where I can not house them in my home because it would create over crowding.

My home is small and can not accommodate any more animals. Too many animals creates not only unsanitary conditions for man, too little room can also create behavior problems among the animals as they feel the need to compete so they can survive.

My out side feral meows at the door at feeding times and he watches me work in my garden from a safe distance. Wild Thing will even respond to talking by meowing in response however he doesn't depend on regular contact with me and can go for days without any.

Domesticated felines on the other hand do want human attention and like human children if neglected they will act up to get it. To them negative attention is better than no attention. So animal rescuers do have limitations and it doesnít take long before resources dictate the inability to help any more as it will only cause depreciating conditions for all concerned.

So how does one who love animals turn their back on such sweet babies in need - I am finding it impossible myself. Gary is the one who notices them and tells me. After spending the night trying to figure out how to house them with out housing them in my house I am about to the point of asking him not to tell me about cats in need. I can't walk away and feel okay about it.

I can't house these two, Wild Thing will not just let them move in to "his yard" . . . I am hoping I will able to fix up an old wood shed as temporary shelter and provide them with some food, vets care and a little attention it will be a stretch for me to take them. However if I do not their chances of survival are slim to none.

Animals in the "wild" never die of old age. They either die as meal for another animal or by trauma. For those unmanaged and uncared for the cause of death in human environments is trauma. An "intact" feral's life expectancy is two years. A feral sterilized and living in a decently managed colony can live as long as companion animals- sterilization alone meaning the cat is trapped sterilized and released {TNR}doubles their life expectancy and decreases the annoyance to people as sterilization end the need for cat fights kittens and often territorial spraying .

Many people who own males abscond sterilization responsibilities because the male don;t have the kitten so they can not be part of the kitten producing problem - A brief recall of basic sex ed should clear up this fallacy

One male cat can produce hundreds of unwanted kittens in a single year- where as females are limited by their gestation times and litter sizes. The same hold true for other mammals like dogs.

Some people don't sterilize their animals believing that by not allowing them to have a litter or castrating a male cat preventing him from desiring sex some how demises their quality of life when the opposite is true - It is the uncontrolled breeding that diminishes their quality of life.

One cat rescue woman on a cat site said it best - Your cat or dog doesn't think like you do - they do not comprehend what might happen in the future for what hasn't happened doesn't exist for them. Animals only know the recent past and the present that is it.

This means your cat or dog doesn't worry about retirement plans, life after death , Pets do not aspire to be good parents any more than they aspire to be a great pianist or astronaut. They donít know the other cats are having sex or kittens - sex is some thing nature makes them do weather they want to or not.Unlike humans they are not given the mind to have a choice, they can not abstain for a spiritual believe or to be faithful to a spouse. Because they were not given the ability to make this choice we must be the creatures we claim when we call ourselves pet owners and make the right one for them.

Animal adoption is a long term responsibility. . .it is rewarding but not necessarily a convenience

If you have the desire to care for animals but sterilization /vaccination is a daunting expense most cities of decent sizes have programs that can help you get these thing done at a discount. . .the sooner the better. Many resources can be found on-line.

If you do not intend to make a long term commitment to the care of another living being then by all means do us all and favor and donít pretend to. . . pretenders suck
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  1. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Post entry -

    We brought them home - The shed was ready but Gary didn't want to put them out there because it was cold so we brought them in the house. They wanted to roam until they saw how many other hissing cats were here so they contained them selves in the bathroom

    Naturally all the shelters that don't kill them are full as it is kitten season. I tried to tell Gary that but he didn't believe me until he called one himself and the lady told him it was kitten season - gee wonder where I heard that before.

    It is crowded and I am unsure of what to do these cats are definitely domesticated and one is pregnant - hence the name "Momma Red Cat"
    Posted 04-13-09 at 03:01 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    RedHairedWitch's Avatar
    We have been seeing more and more dogs being abandoned with the bad economy.

    Most of these people have not cut down their weekend beer fund, but they are getting rid of the kids dog.

    For shame.
    Posted 04-13-09 at 02:54 PM by RedHairedWitch RedHairedWitch is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Most of these people have not cut down their weekend beer fund, but they are getting rid of the kids dog.
    Doesn't that just make your blood boil ? Naturally these aren't the kind of folks that bother having their animals vaccinated never mind spayed or neutered. This makes the job on this end so much harder especialy if the animal happens to be a female. It is hard enough to take on another cat but a cat with more cats who needs shots and "fixing" is a lot more expensive.

    She is a sweet baby and she was conservative for me. Momma Red Cat had only two small kittens which she protects to the point my other cats are steering clear when my bedroom is open.

    Kittens only about an hour or so old.

    The first night momma was so nervous it was like she didn't know what to do. The kittens would cry she would cry and run over to me run in circles like "what do I do? what do I do?

    So I laid her down and put them up to feed - At first momma cat was resistant so I scratched behind her ears and talked to her and she finally relaxed enough for kittens to nurse {and for me to get the camera} The connection was made = feed them and they will be quiet.

    Now she has this kitten quieting to an art form now but the first night was rough for both of us.
    Posted 04-15-09 at 03:30 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
    Updated 04-15-09 at 03:41 AM by meadd823
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    meadd823's Avatar

    Update Momma Red Cat and kittens.

    Posted 05-14-09 at 03:26 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar

    Chatty Cat Update

    When I went to San Angelo for my mom's hip surgery I took Chatty with me due to the crowding here.

    I am unsure how Momma Red cat managed to get pregnant but her sister Chatty didn't.

    Chatty has already been to the vet, had her shots, examined , checked for illness and spayed. No kittens in her future well except for abandon ones my mom takes in.

    Chatty is home where she belongs, She is one of the lucky ones who got a second chance. I wish all the abandoned animals were as lucky as Chatty.

    Spay and neuter your pets . . . please.
    Posted 05-14-09 at 09:51 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    DesertDave's Avatar
    Great posting and I absolutely agree with you.

    I'm a sucker for cats. I have one who moved out here with me and luckily I don't see many abandoned or ferile ones here.

    There was a ferile one where I moved from. She'd been around the neighborhood for years. She got food from somewhere, but one winter she'd hurt her paw, so I started putting food out for her.

    When I knew I was going to move, I worried about her. So I attempted to tame her, thinking I could do that and she could just move with me & my other cat. Well, after months of encouragement and tempting her, I couldn't do it. She appreciated the snacks but had a clear "comfort zone" around her.

    I truly was worried about what would happen when I moved. I was OVERJOYED when I mentioned it to the people I was negotiating a contract with and they said they were CAT FANS!!! The wife said not to worry about "Spot" at all.

    It annoys the hell out of me when people take pet ownership so lightly.
    Posted 08-05-09 at 03:38 PM by DesertDave DesertDave is offline
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    soo depressing
    Posted 08-24-09 at 08:13 AM by secretaddict secretaddict is offline
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