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The Bucket List

Posted 06-06-12 at 01:44 AM by RedHairedWitch
As I approach the end of Saturnís Return and my 32nd birthday has just passed, it feels like time to have a look at the old bucket list. Perhaps add to it as well. I will also add a few things that I have done and in retrospect, felt that it should have been on the list. Some things might seem silly, but there are things here from my teens.

Drive across Canada, southern route. Done.

Drive across Canada, northern route.
See the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Done.

Travel through the Rockies at least 12 times. Half way there.

Walk on a glacier. Sort of done.

Work at a metaphysical shop. Done.

Have a threesome. Done and done.

Drive across the USA. Done.

Swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Done.

Make it to 30 without having to take my ritalin. Done. ugh ugh ugh

Swim in one of the great lakes. Sort of done, Iíve waded in lake Superior. It was November.

Own a group of seven painting, preferably a Harris.

See Montreal. Done.

See Ottawa. Living here!

Read more books.

Work in West Edmonton Mall. Done, bead shop.

Work at a crazy bar. Done, I now no more about swingers and the BDSM community than I ever wanted.

Own a horse. Done, but she was mauled to death by a bear before she was old enough to be ridden. Love you, miss you.

Make a shamanic prayer shawl dealy. 3/4 done, Iím not in a rush.

Crochet an afghan. Done.

See NYC.

See the Grand Canyon.

Hike in a dessert. Done.

Do a long distance hike, at least a month on the trail. With a dog for company. Iím thinking that I might set this goal for my 40th birthday.

Live off grid for a while. Done.

Be a mommy. Did the stepmother thing for a while. Donít think motherhood is for me. Meh. Done.

Own a big chunk of land. Kinda done, want more. So, not done.

Travel by train.

Visit my ancestral lands. England, Scotland, Ireland.

Raise and love a deerhound or wolfhound.

Do more back country hiking and camping.

Canoe in Algonquin Park.

Learn to use a drop spindle. Done.

Own a spinning wheel.

Get married. Been asked. Didnít happen.

More mountain biking.

Build a really weird house.

Build a temple.

Own a small business.

Be damned good looking at 50 and beyond.

Survive menopause.

Hike on Mount St. Helenís.

Go to a Pagan festival. Done.

Be a High Priestess. Meh, I think we can strike this one off the list.

Go to Burning Man.

See Toronto.

Swim in the Atlantic. Because I grew up on the Pacific.

Drive a crowded, multi lane freeway in Houston Texas in a 30 ft RV towing a Ford bronco on July 1st. Done.

Be cursed by a bunch of angry Dianic Wiccans and slap that **** down like its nothing. Done.

Have a podcast. Done.

Show up at a womenís rit on a motorcycle driven by a big, beautiful bull dyke and be asked to leave by a nervous fluffy bunny. Done.

Have sex at work.

Have sex in a river.

Be a model. Done.

Pose for an art class. Done.

Be imortalized in art. Done, see above.
Write a song and have it recorded. Close enough. I wrote the lyrics for Diaspora which Dr. Myers recorded for his album The Island.

Learn to play an instrument. Currently learning to play the tambourine. I didnít specify that it had to be difficult instrument to play.

Run a Pagan and/or Witchcraft forum that is, comparativly drama free. Done.

Blog. Done.

Learn HTML and CSS code. Learned enough to build a website.

Be invited to sit on a panel at a big Pagan conference. I was asked to do just this for Gaia Gathering 2012 but it was too short notice for me to make it. Might sit on a panel for KG this year though!

Have someone ask for my autograph. Done, see podcast. Weird eh?

Write and publish a book. Been close. Iíve had a couple of articles published in books and magazines. So, maybe some day.
Get black out drunk. I have actually never done this. I usually stop drinking long before I even need to puke.

Get really drunk with a couple of awesome women and a French Canadian Viking while singing ďwe are going to valhallaĒ and then realize the three if us ladies represent Maiden, Mother, Crone and drunkenly rant about how awesome that is while clinging to said French Viking. Then help each other climb over a huge berm to pee. All in front of a giant sacrificial bonfire. Done.

Learn to eat onions. Done.

Learn to eat eggs. I can do scrambled, on things like French toast and in things, like baking. Still working on it.

Conquer my fear of heights. Doing pretty good on this one. Now I have to be very, very high up and with windy conditions or such to make me cling to something or someone in fear. There is a photograph of me on a mountain top overlooking Jasper. You canít tell by looking, but I was terrified to let go of the rocks that I was sitting on. I would love to return to that spot and stand confidently.

Figure out how to do my hair. Ugh, it was such a frizzy mess when I was a kid. Hair dressing fixed that. Done.

Conquer my fear of public speaking. Done.
Live in a house filled with tanks that contain everything from black widow spiders to giant centipedes to mud skippers. Done, courtesy of a guy I used to live with who worked in zoology and brought his work home.

Foster more rescue dogs. This will have to wait until Crash the dog has passed on, sheís too old and grumpy for that.

Live in a place with no running water and have to carry water about a kilometer up a mountain every couple of days. Use a sled in winter. Done.

Create a personalized divination system using found objects. Done.

Make a stang and donít rush it. Done.

Develop better skill and experience working with entheogens and trance and such. In progress, probably always will be.

Watch the sunrise from a mountain top. Done.

Swim in a backwoods lake that no other human has likely visited in some time. Done.

Walk on an old lava field. Done. Wells Grey provincial park if you must know.

See an active volcano.

See a tornado. Done, used to live in Alberta.

See a hurricane.

Visit a tropical rain forest.

Do a tour of temples and ancient sites around the Mediterranean.

Touch a real life standing stone in ďthe old countryĒ

Eat at a stupidly fancy restaurant.

Get a piece of paper from a university. Soon!

Become a very badass Witch.

Come up with more cool stuff for my bucket list.

Yup, so far Iíve had an adventurous youth. Letís see where the next phase takes me.
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    Your bucket list is most impressive!
    Posted 08-04-12 at 07:40 PM by CheekyMonkey CheekyMonkey is offline
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