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Unsolicited Diagnosis Leading to OVER diagnosis?

Posted 09-17-11 at 04:41 PM by CrushCrush
It's not a secret that people buy tabloids or what tabloid TV because they thrive on the misfortunes of others. The same thing can be said about people on forums. Not just this one.

When a forum member, expresses grief of a struggle, like flies to poo, you will have a gathering of forum members.. a 'group' or 'sorority' to bask in the enjoyment of someone else's suffering of failures. It makes them feel so much better about themselves. It empowers them.

Here are some fact.

-The number 1 way to treat ADHD in adults is through medication. Not CBT, Not coaching, Not counciliing. It really is a game of medication to get the brain working properly so the patient can implement in life what he already knwos.

-The number 1 most effect drug for MOST adults is Adderall. It's also the #1 most discussed drug on this forum by about 4x the other post counts.

-The most active members on the forum are on Adderall. After all why not? It's the #1 most effective drug to treat ADHD for adults and is what is widely used on the forum.

There may be rare exceptions where people don't like the side effects and move to something else, but in general, for MOST adults, we need Adderall to treat our mental illness.

When an adult, who has a long history of ADHD that has caused great underachiever, someone who cannot get out of his bed, someone who is 65lbs over weight. Soemone who cannot keep a job.

When this unemployed person has to pay about $1000 out of pocket for a diagnosis, he wants to make sure he is going to get treated with the proper drug.

For some reason though, there is a mental issue.. a behavioral issue in people and Doctors a like. Especially doctors outside of the United states. They DON'T want to see you get proper treatment. They DON'T want to see you get better.

They thrive in the comfort of seeing you fail. They want to be the only one with treatment and not you. They want to view you with suspicion when you ask for help. They'll help you in every other area in life, but when it comes to really 'getting better' and having a life change, they don't want to help and don't want to see you getting better.

However it should be noted that there are SOME who want to see you do better. There are SOME who suffer/suffered the same illness and understand the impact it can have on your life. These are the people that are most likely to help others that are in a tough spot.

If I was treated with my illness, and someone was asking for help, I would certainly help them the best I could to help them change their life. When it comes to ADHD, what changes their life is medication.

If you don't think that medication changes your life, then you need to read the success stories in the Adderall forum.

It should be noted though that life doesn't change for many users who are on Adderall or other meds. Their life doesn't get much better etc. These people don't understand how ADHD works I guess.

We already hold the answers to our problems in our heads. We just can't implement them. I know what it takes not to get in trouble at work and in the forums (I've had several infractions now I think). But it just blurts out and all of a sudden I'm banned from another thread. I don't say anything serious, maybe just something about our medical care system or politics. But still, it gets me in trouble where other people on the forum don't have this issue. I know what it takes not to break rules or act off impulse, I just have a lot of problems implementing my knowledge. It's almost like a 'cant' do it.

Here's the real facts of the matter.

In a nutshell, if you are taking medication, and it hasn't had a life changing impact on you (like it has for MANY of the success stories), then it's likely that you never had a sever case of ADHD to begin with.

I now am a true believer, Adult ADHD is way, way over diagnosed. I see it myself daily here on the forums. Most cases are very mild in my opinion and for some, I honestly question what brought them into their doctor in the first place. I think it's a 'perfectionist' complex. Bringing out the best in themselves.

One person says there closset is mess and shoes are everywhere in a pile. Or their kitchen counter is uncleared. That is their claim to ADHD underachievement.

What this is called is an unsolicited diagnosis. So suppose you go to a doctor for having a slow thyroid and complain you are tired. Then he asks you more questions and you then say 'yeah that sounds like me'. And he tells you 'well maybe you have 'x' disorder. The patient then goes out and matches many symptoms and are glad they can blame the fact that the reason that they don't do the dishes, or have a messy shoe closet is because of their 'illness'. They may have had an honor roll in school, a great report card, no real failures in life. But they certainly can now blame their procrastination on a disorder.

When it comes to helping other people get better, these individuals don't want to see other people get better, because they really never had much a problem themselves. Anyone in their right mind who has suffered a destroyed, underachieved life would jump at the chance to help someone else who is going through the same thing.

Do you want a summary of why the medical community is hesitant to treat ADHD? Read what a doctor below said himself about ADHD and now I'm actually understand where the medical community is coming from:

“...Because giving a client an unsolicited diagnosis might have unintended harmful effects, and because some disagnoses in adults (such as ADHD, ASD, and NLD) require very careful and specific assessment that often includes testing, I don’t usually go this route without some preliminary discussion. In their mild forms, these disorders are very difficult to diagnose accurately, and are very very often “overdiagnosed”, that is, when they are not necessarily present.”
My symptoms are VERY present including my behavior on the forums. If some cannot see that for what it is, or chose not to 'like' me, or cannot understand my impulsive posting behavior, then I seriously do have to question the severity of that persons ADHD.

And what this forum has given me, is the understanding that yes. There are VERY mild forums of ADHD. So much so that there is an over diagnosis problem I would say for sure. Also very much unsolicited diagnosis to treat 'mild' symptoms shall we say.

When someone who has a real illness and has gotten better asks for help, you gladly try to help someone else in need that has gone through the same thing. If not, then I seriously have to question the severity of your disorder in the first place.
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    DanaDane's Avatar
    This is the way your writing here makes me think....

    "He thinks in a very black/white way.
    He thinks very much as a victim.
    He Blames alot. But placing blame don't really solve anything.
    He's grieving all the loses his adhd have caused, but it's difficult for him to see that others who have not lost the same as him might have lost something else"
    Posted 09-22-11 at 06:51 AM by DanaDane DanaDane is offline
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