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ADHD Quick facts (and some opinion)

Posted 06-25-12 at 04:32 AM by CrushCrush
Updated 06-27-12 at 08:38 PM by APSJ (Guidelines)
-ADHD is a childhood developmental disorder meaning that a parts of the child's brain is slower to develop than the rest.

-30-50% of people will show symptoms into adulthood. Thus, the majority will see their symptoms disappear as they get into their adult years.

-ADHD effects a child's academic performance because the child can not focus and concentrate. This is why children are given meds in school.

-There is a 5% chance that children with ADHD will finish higher education.

-It is not possible to have academically gifted children and have ADHD.

-It is not possible to get good grades throught school, and then all of a sudden discover you have ADHD when you hit College. This is simply not possible and yes I am fully aware of all the excuses and exceptions wich are bogus.

-It is highly, highly, highly unlikely that you have ADHD if you lived a life filled with accomplishments and beat every statistic.

-When you have ADHD, you are more likely to have handcuffs around you then a graduation robe.

-On the Internet, there are a lot of 'exceptions' to the rules of ADHD. So much so that they make a majority.

-The speech controlers and ADHD promoters want to shape the laws of ADHD to fit their situations. They pervert and skew ADHD into completely new definitions and claim everything they have is an exception to the rules.

-If you have ADHD, you will have had a life of failures starting at a very young age that follow you all the way to right now.

-If you really do have ADHD, you'll know it.

-The solution to these problems is to have meds not regulated and controlled. Let users take what they feel they need. In the real world though, if this insane fake diagnosing continues and is actively prompted on the forums, get ready for stimulant bans for those who need it. Insurance companies are soon going to strap down and their first target will be stimulants - not blood pressure meds etc.

Many European countries already ban stimulants. You'll see, it will come if this continues. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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