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Posted 07-12-08 at 04:47 PM by houts
[Posted from my blog:]

Whenever I start to write for this 'blog', I am unsure whom I should be writing to/for. I realize this is for my benefit, and trust me, it a majority of a way it is, yet it is also for others out there who have ADD/ADHD. Or, for anyone looking to read a quirky perspective on life.

Should I be directing my questions to you? That is IF anyone reads this...

I had a great conversation this weekend with a friend. He has been a teacher for over 20 years and a great mentor in my life-someone I look up to. Our discussion started on my thesis work, in which wasn't pleasant at first since he disagrees with my main source, but later in the evening it turned toward technology. This was a clever ploy (revenge!) on my side as he hates cell phones. Well, I have an Iphone that I used extensively when dealing with technology needs from local people. For him, there are students constantly on the phone, in the classroom, outside in the halls, in the lunchroom, and outside in their cars. It is stuck to their head.
My friend HATES what cell phones have done to the form of communication between two adults. In his viewpoint it has deluded real conversation and allowed for fabricated communication with no real substance.

I understand his position, surely I do.

My viewpoint is, much like gun owners, the user not the object is at fault. We have crossed the line into the new technology age where ethics and etiquette are put into question. How do we, as a society, decide what is right or wrong when dealing instances or circumstances that are called into question? Is it fine for an individual to use his/her cell phone at a restaurant? How about in a car while driving? Are e-mails considered a considerate way of sending an invitation or 'Thank-you'?

My stance is that we are on the brink of technology. Where we have started less than a 100 years ago is leveling out, but the adaptation of it into society. The influence it has is the cusp of the beginning dawn or revelation overlapped by the brink of advanced technology. The prevalence of this growth will not be an issue 20-30 years from now, as it comes into mainstream society and commonly accepted. Much like the baby boomers scare of the satellite race, our generation 'X'er's have to deal with the technological advancement. You can look at every decade in the past century and look at the overblown issues that now seem small in hindsight, through our perspective kaleidoscope of change.

Take the issue my friend had recently: It was Mother's Day, and at a family restaurant, he saw mother sitting across from a daughter on her cell phone. She spend the majority of the time ignoring her own mother while conversing with the random person on the other side. Yeah, Happy Mothers' Day Mom! Ugh!

I understand his frustration. I've seen this ignorance for decency or an understanding of etiquette. However, I've explained to my great friend that it is the user, not the object, that should be put at fault.
This woman being socially inept and rather rude is at fault here. Her cell phone may have been the activator for her behavior. And, more importantly, 20-30 years from now it may be societal norms to have a bluetooth stuck in your ear, talking to your boss, while eating lunch with your best friend.

What do you think? Post a comment!
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