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Stuff about me

Posted 01-19-09 at 12:00 PM by j.t.90
Where were you born: London UK

What color is your hair: Black

What color are your eyes: Brown

How tall are you: 6ft

What size are your feet: 10/11

Are they ticklish: Yeah

What's your favorite movie: The Mask

Whats your favorite TV show: Eastenders

Who's your favorite actor: Jim Carey

Actress: Jessica Alba

Type of music: Anything mainly R&B

Artist/band: Too many to choose lol

Color: Blue

Sport: Football

Food: Roast Dinner

Season: Summer time

School Subject: Was P.E

Do you have a best friend: Yeah

Do you have a girlfriend: Yeah

How many close friends do you have: A few

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Dogs or cats: Dogs

Whats the furthest from home you've been: Spain

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be: New York!

Who was the last person who said hi to you: My Friend

Made you mad: My Ex

Helped you fix something: Me lol

Drove you somewhere: James

Bought you something: Dale, drink lol

You called: Work

You Messaged: James

Sang to you: Haha no one

Read to you: No one

Have you ever laughed so much milk came out of your nose: Haha yeah

Got gum caught in your hair: No

Ate dog food: Do dog biscuits count?

Kissed a dog: Yep

Aced a test: .. One lol

Stayed up all night: Yeah

Gone a day without eating: Yeah

Gone 2 days without brushing your teeth: Ugh no

Can you pat your stomach and rub your head in a circle at the same time: No

Stand on your hands: Just

Wiggle your ears: No

Speak another language: No

Make a wine glass hum with your fingers: Yeah!
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