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So This Is How the Other Side Lives

Posted 02-22-14 at 01:39 PM by meadd823
Most may think that the title means I am comparing non-ADDers to ADDers while this could be the distinction it really isn't one it is just a blurb that popped into my head a few minutes ago.

About this time last year maybe a bit further back I set about asking the universe to open up the opportunity for gainful employment - I did it with ritual and group the hole nine yards. It seemed forever and I knew action on my part was required so I set about learning the new fangled way to job hunt on line

I swear it took me forever to even get my resume to be one that stood out from the crowd enough to get me into an interview. The one I use now was written when I was in phuck it mode and had a few mixed drinks to add to the ambiance. I am one of the few nurses applying for jobs who can do small business book keeping and drive heavy equipment.

I landed an agency job at first a few month later went onto a part time home health job. I love the work but the wear and tear on my vehicle means getting another one. Applied for a loan I have preapproval from a dealer ship decided to go with the credit union for grins and giggles even though I know it is harder to get a loan on a used car. Either way I plan on acquiring car payments by the end of this month on a car that gets better than 20mpg and does not arbitrarily die at stop lights or in traffic jams

I know what I want in a used car which models and years I am looking for every thing down to the cars mileage - I hope the used car thing goes as well as my other purchases have - I finally applied my google girl skills learned here to my real life - I have purchased high end electronics for excellent prices by learning the remanufactured route - always get a warranty worthy of a new one

Yesterday I went for another job interview - The site did not work the lady was late and along with the application packet was a list of demands that I felt put off by - They wanted me to sign some thing saying I give them my permission to do a drug screen on me should I be rendered unconscious while on the job -wtf!!!

I would not sign because should I become unconscious while on the job I want them to use their medical knowledge to figure out why I am unconscious to begin with. They can kiss my posterior if that is all they are worried about.

Not one damn thing in the fifteen page packet I had time to read while waiting for the interview lady to get there about what they as a company had to offer in return for this list of demands - One notable thing on the list is employes are to buy scrubs at a company approved vender - Next thing they will do is pay me in company credits I can only use at the company store.

I did not sign any of the crap but went through the process of interviewing because it was the polite thing to do but I already knew I did not want to work there.

This morning when I am finished typing this i will begin getting ready for a lunch meeting with a couple of docs who want to open an addiction clinic - They are looking for a clinic manager. I have opened clinics run small business been an addict and now work as a nurse

I am going to be myself because me is who they are going to hire - One of the docs knows me personally almost better than my husband does The other is a partner. I am up against some pretty steep competition but what the hell - sense when is that ever stopped me from attempting the improbable.

If it happens it happens if not I shall get a nice lunch out of it any way.

As I signed on line checked to make sure the bank made the night drop deposit a voice inside my head said

"So this is how the other side lives"

I am unsure of the other side of what the voice is referencing to but I sort of have a feeling I will eventually find out - I decided to blog this as a form of marking my place in this time.

This being done, I shall log off get myself ready. As I have recently learned, punctuality is of utmost importance regardless of which end of the interview process one is on.
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