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Thoughts of Love: Essence and Reflections
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A Warrior and a Poet, First Night

Posted 06-30-09 at 06:36 AM by Addr68
Updated 06-30-09 at 08:27 AM by Addr68
Forrest still in the hour before dawn, he sits quiet, underneath the branches of the old Live Oak tree.

Strange, not a cricket nor tree frog chirp this night. Only a soft whispering breeze, barely stirs the slumber of trees that rest, in the thickness of this forrest.

His wits say, be on your guard be ready, there be darkness riding this night.

No expression he gives, no movement he affords. His right hand already rest on the helt of his sharp sword. His mind keenly aware that darkness rides on this night.

This is not the first time this warrior has crossed paths with this beast who rides the darkness this night, nor shall it be the last.

The warrior smiles from a thought.

When has not one with a mission, not had an antagonist playing his part, so the story goes.

Who then shall play the part of the narrator?

This tree, which he now sits under or what of the countless other trees he has for nights past, rested under? Do they not play a role in this plot? Be it narrator or be it audience.

What creatures of the earth do not have tales they have born witness to, in passing or with scar's. All life is woven rooted and suckle from these tales. Be rot from this or draw strength.. life death, rites of passage these be.

The warrior's trusted noble steed is aware of this nights darkness. Sire, is the warrior's steeds name. Sire has many journey's under his hoof's. A good mount he be. Strong faithful honorable be a few words to descibe Sire.

Even now on this hour before dawn, Sire makes no sound only listens with ears that are sharp in sound as a hawk be sharp with sight.

Sire's stomps once! His ears hear what this warrior's senses feel. Darkness rides behind the heavy wind, that now awakens the forrest. The branches heave to this forceful blow of wind so evil, making it's way from forrest top to me.

My hand now firmly grips the helt of my sword.

My wits say no more, I leap to my feet with heavy boots. A guarded postion I do take.

By golly, a battle is at hand. Be it beast or man riding darkness this night, it shall taste the steel of my blade deep in its dark heart.

I shall not fall this night. This coming rider knows the hour of the dawn draws near. The rider and I both know this is when strength begins and ends.

We shall see who wins this bout this hour...

I stand ready..I cry out as I have many night's past, "Come Come meet me now or be forever damn! Or I'll be damn for it!"

My antagonist rides in the vale of darkness...

Closer darkness rides...

And I smile, plant my feet, like roots drawing strength from the earth beneath me.

My sword posed ready to greet darkness with light..I fear not this darkness that rides nearer to me.

Darkness leaps...

*End of chapter one
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  1. Old
    sarek's Avatar
    This is great Bry, more please. Beautiful description of the atmosphere. I can see it right in front of my eyes.

    And a nice cliffhanger too..
    Posted 06-30-09 at 10:13 AM by sarek sarek is offline
  2. Old
    Turbochica's Avatar
    I look forward to reading this tale as it unfolds and the characters as well.
    bravo, Milord that your voice makes its presence known.
    I am eagerly awaiting Milord, your next chapter

    Posted 06-30-09 at 10:33 AM by Turbochica Turbochica is offline
  3. Old
    novagal's Avatar
    Darkness leaps......

    and?...and?? What happens next!?
    Posted 06-30-09 at 03:43 PM by novagal novagal is offline
  4. Old
    Song of Mercy's Avatar
    More please!
    Posted 06-30-09 at 08:24 PM by Song of Mercy Song of Mercy is offline
  5. Old
    please dont stop here.....its beautifullll
    Posted 06-30-09 at 08:58 PM by pADDyjay pADDyjay is offline
  6. Old
    beautiful prose...Im anxiously awaiting more
    Posted 06-30-09 at 08:59 PM by pADDyjay pADDyjay is offline
  7. Old
    Addr68's Avatar
    My fellow traveler's and readers. The next chapter to this tale of the Warrior and a Poet, will be writ soon.

    Thank you for your reading and comments. My complimets to you all. Bry
    Posted 07-03-09 at 06:04 AM by Addr68 Addr68 is offline
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