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Thoughts of Love: Essence and Reflections
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Ship Mates on the high Seas

Posted 01-17-09 at 01:13 AM by Addr68

Years ago, I delivered a sermon using an illustration of the Master looking upon his fleet of wooden masted ships and had a special cargo to be carried to a far off place; what ship was to carry his special cargo? Which ship was ready for service?.....

This blog entry is not a sermon, but rather a look at a deck hand refitting ships anchored in the harbor...This is his view...

Every day this deck hand came down the hill to the harbor to work his trade..refitting these ships of the high seas that have come to his little peice of the world from places he too has seen many moons ago..O' the tales of adventure he has in his heart and mind.

He walks with pride to these ship as if they were his own..devotion he gives; joy he receives from refitting these ships for thier adventures to be unfolded; the journey's they will make.

Each day he would spend time on the few ships he was in given charge of. He would tar the rigging so they can stand up to the harsh elements. He would mend the sails so the good true winds may snap sharply and carry these wonders to their places of venture.

As he performed his craft, he could feel with his seasoned sea legs, the true condition of these mighty ships...

He likes this one particular ship...this ship has caught his eye....his attention..his devotion.

He would from time to time go below to the cargo hold for supplies, as he bent and stooped under the ships beams, and around the cargo still sitting there..he pondered and he reflected on the journey this ship has been on. He could see the condition and sea worthiness of this grand ship.

As he could see from the main decks of these ships he walked, how its crew of sea dogs took care of their loves. Now within these ships; in the heart, he can see what cargo is still being held onto or want is in the way for the great adventure that awaits them.

The ship he is on now, he has grown fown of. He can see the captain of the vessel has done well to keep this grand ship afloat and has been on many journey's. He can see..feel and breath the worthiness of the captains' efforts to keep this ship afloat..what passion..affection and respect he feels for this ship...

He sits himself down on a barrel and reflects on his own life..his own ship..his own...heart.

Years ago, he too was this ship..perhaps he still is like this ship..Long had his callased hands
worked mending his own ship...Much blood and sweat he has givin to stay afloat.. Aye this ship reminds him of himself...

He has tried to keep his seasoned heart young like the lad he once was...He still feels life pulsing through his body...he is alive and ready for another adventure...but not by himself and certainly not with any other ship..but this ship has caught his devotion..his affection...he sees the heart of this ship on which he now sits on a barrel in the depths of its hold.

Like this beauty, he too has cargo left in his hold..some he keeps, as they are apart of his being..some other cargo..should of been thrown over the side....

He sees, feels...breaths his own passion...affection and affiction of the high seas..How it has shaped him and yet wounded him....

With a renewed fire swelling in his heart..he desires to turn his compass true north....

He has met with the captain of this ship..She is a spit fire for sure.. he sees in her..himself...full of life passion and devotion to self and others..She knows her craft...She knows her journey..the goodness of the salt air still lingers with her, like land lovers walking in the fields of daisies..she truly is a daisy of the high sea.

Now she is here at this moment in this harbor...

These two glorious ships beaten but sea worthy, have crossed paths...O'h he thinks of the journey that they can embark upon on the high seas ...let not the winds of mordor takes us under again...

He thinks they can share the helm..climb the mast..tar the rigs...

Partners on the high seas he sees...

Let us captains help each other throw over board the cargo that weighs down our grand ship... and begin renewed...together let us hoist the sails and be mates on the high seas.. Let them snap with good winds and together we can weather the storms we can live the life our ship..ourselves were created for...

May we always set sail for clam harbors and cast our anchors and enjoy the fields of daisies that await for us both on that horizon we both seek.

Raising our flag..look how it flys..shines on the reflection of our love....

Ship Mates on the high Seas... written by addr68
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  1. Old
    my tears are still damp on my face and my fingers are trying to type something legible or for you to see here but I am so moved by this piece of work that I cant seem to express in words how it has touched me into stillness
    whew powerful stuff here, I hope this makes sense to you

    the rational Patty promises to make sense soon and will try again...I just am in awe at how much it moved me love Patty
    Posted 01-18-09 at 07:24 AM by pADDyjay pADDyjay is offline
  2. Old
    ndnbutterfly's Avatar
    This is so awesome!

    You are really talented to have this gift.

    I love it!

    Posted 01-20-09 at 10:38 AM by ndnbutterfly ndnbutterfly is offline
  3. Old
    Song of Mercy's Avatar
    This is very good Bry. I was transported to the water. I was challenged by the quality of the writing. I reflected on my own cargo, I will share a poem about that in a couple of day from now. Hugs, Song

    PS, the poem is already written. didn't want you to think Im stealing from your writing.
    Posted 02-24-09 at 02:12 PM by Song of Mercy Song of Mercy is offline
    Updated 02-24-09 at 02:27 PM by Song of Mercy (wanted to clarify)
  4. Old
    sarek's Avatar
    Powerful writing Bry. Really powerful.
    Posted 02-24-09 at 02:13 PM by sarek sarek is offline
  5. Old
    Turbochica's Avatar
    wow, you say SO much there, very powerful and yet soft and touchable at the same time , I think.
    The illustration of the boat is fitting too. very nice one

    I love the Daisy reference what a good choice of flower. To me, a daisy is pure natural beauty, found beauty. breathtaking in it's simplicity beauty. the opposite of manufactured beauty or hybrid rose beauty
    Posted 06-19-09 at 10:08 AM by Turbochica Turbochica is offline
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