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Thoughts of Love: Essence and Reflections
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A Verse Between Two Brother's: Sarek and adder68

Posted 06-23-09 at 08:38 AM by Addr68
Updated 06-23-09 at 08:51 AM by Addr68
addr68: How does my brother weigh this fine day

sarek: Hence the vixere fortis? Shall I compare thee to a summer's dream, thou art etc..etc..

sarek: its not a dream, its a day...

addr68: Aye! thy eye have seen, that which is been written...glorious in deed for they speak that which they wish to say

sarek: Its great. forsooth, a lost art indeed.

addr68: True! Lost are the flavor of such words that can be savored by the taste of those who yearn to hear but lost by the passage of time itself.

sarek: I daresay thou speakest truthfully. Lost indeed are the great arts of yore. Yet evermore doth turn the wheel of time, and carries man and his works forth relentlessly.

addr68: Your heart does speaketh a true ring to my own ears.. Lost yet be revived by the hearts of men, who dare to speak that which is to be spoken..Turn the wheel, shall we say...For what is a wheel but an art for the cart that the driver carries, man and his works yes forth it shall go relentlessly....

sarek: What then is it that shall be spoken? How shall our path be lit so that our weary feet may not stumble or stray from the virtues of righteousness. How then shall we preserve that which we hold so dear in our hearts and which enlightens our minds? How shall the ravages of time be stayed?

addr68: Words words words I say, not uncommon but lay dormith in the heart of man. Light the tongue and we shall see a glorious new day arise we say and speak that which should be spoken.The words of the heart so preserved and pure..Flow flow like that of the mountain stream...relish how it reflects the face of man..The reflection tells no lie, for the honest in heart..Let this be a light to our weary feet, that we shall not stumble nor be lost to the raveges of time..Let us bring forth and light the torch of every man's heart..that they too, may see the goodness that lays dormaint...and see what the waters reflection reveal...and may they not look with disgrace but with the grace that has been given them.....

sarek: Words from the heart then shall we speak, and truths eternal. We shall falter nor fear for our hearts shall be fortified by the very values upheld by generations inummerable. And the language which we speak shall be the language of our very souls. Let not the valour of our heart be diminished nor our perseverance questioned. For the light of truth it is that shall guide us. No darkness shall we fear, nor recoil from hardship.

addr68: May this be so, and a new day shall rise, fortified by the foundation of our very soul. Precious are these times, Yea this truth shall be our guide and light the path of men...Darkness hides from light, as it fears the waken heart of the soul of man..A new day is here..listen to the song of the larks and may we rejoyce in such glory...that no darkness shall we fear, nor recoil from the hardships....though they migth with all their mite to bring us under..We shall stand right with the light of our valor in knowing thy own hearts are fired with the finest of lights..The good light..a humbling light...

sarek: Venture forth then for a new day indeed has arisen. Dawn casts its glorious light upon our very souls. Forth shall we go ever questing for the truths hitherto hidden from our mortal eyes. On and on I say and let us forsake not, so glory and riches untold may be bestowed upon us.

addr68: May this be so, a venture to to be taken up and given to every soul. A torch has been lit, may it be given to all who will hear and be all the more richer...Good journey my brother, my friend, my fellow traveler....

sarek: Make it so then and may thy path be lit forever
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  1. Old
    Turbochica's Avatar
    thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the synergy between brothers expressed here.
    Posted 06-23-09 at 08:54 AM by Turbochica Turbochica is offline
  2. Old
    Song of Mercy's Avatar
    Oh, that was awesome! I felt like I should have dressed better for the reading! Bravo! Bravo!
    Posted 06-23-09 at 10:29 AM by Song of Mercy Song of Mercy is offline
  3. Old
    Phantastic's Avatar
    wow plenty of blogs to read lately,

    I am all for unconventional (by modern standards) communication! We have murdered the creativity in our every day lives and it saddens me.

    Keep doing what you love Brothers!
    Posted 06-23-09 at 02:44 PM by Phantastic Phantastic is offline
  4. Old
    beautiful thoughts ...beautiful prose...gracious thanks to you for sharing

    love Patty
    Posted 06-24-09 at 08:05 AM by pADDyjay pADDyjay is offline
  5. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Okay the next troll is yours , they hate the truth and truthfully bubbly moderators are there absolute favorite. Wonder how they may like it in old English.

    Felt like I was reading Shakespeare or the King James.

    I think I got most of it,I would try to reply in kind but simple English is hard enough to write
    Posted 06-26-09 at 01:48 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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