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Spootrid Voompt

Posted 08-17-12 at 06:08 PM by Vito, ADDer
"Spootrid voompt" is a noise I just heard in my head, and so it seemed like as good a subject to blog about as any other. I mean, considering the amount of mostly incomprehensible noise that people make in such blitheringly idiotic subjects like politics, I figure that it's at least a bit more honest to say things like "spootrid voompt", and just drop the pretense that it actually means something, or that I actually know what I'm talking about when I say it. I certainly can't say the same about folks who are constantly mouthing off about politics.

Uh-oh...I probably have already gotten myself in deep trouble. See, I'm fully aware of the fact that politics is an emotional participatory sport. I also understand that people are able to devote vast amounts of time, energy, and focus in rationalizing their political positions—that is, in making up pseudo-rational justifications that sound reasonable to themselves, regardless of whether they actually make any sense to anyone else.

That's the big key in politics, after all. It's all about how you feel. Rational and moral principles have nothing to do with it. If they did, politics wouldn't be the success-proof fraud circus that it is.

Hmmm...come to think of it, a noise like "spootrid voompt" does a helluva lot less damage and causes a helluva lot less disharmony than most of the garbage I hear on the subject of politics.
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