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Doing a lot better since getting meds

Posted 06-20-12 at 04:47 AM by CrushCrush

The fact I haven't logged in for 5 months now shows that I've gotten better, but I still feel I'm under dosed at this point.

What I've learned most about ADHD treatment is this: there is huge misdiagnosis or over diagnosis of people who don't really have it. That is just my opinion. If you don't really have it, you will Not notice huge life changing changes after taking meds. If you don't really have it, it might not do much for you.

I find most Doctors under dose.. Especially outside the US.

When adults are taking very mild medications like Concerta at children's dosages, you won't find it to be much benefit.

I'd say a good dose would be 75-120mg a day after tolerance build up. This includes dexadrine, dexadrine spanules (for Canada) Adderal IR, and Vyvanse. I don't recommend anything else for basic ADHD.

When your Dr is giving you 10mg Adderal XR, it will almost do nothing once tolerate builds up. Concerta don't even bother.

Long Extended release like XR or Concerta doesnt work. Don't bother with them. If you must use spanules or Vyvanse, they will usually last for about 4-5 hours.

A good measure if you are taking enough is if your hunger is being curbed. That's what I found to be an excellent measure.

So if you are struggling with you ADHD, and you really have it, but your meds aren't doing it, it's likely you just need a stronger dose or to change your meds to one of the above I listed. You really need to get up there in the dosages though. I read some people saying they are 5mg of this or that.. Sorry there's no chance that would be working.

I feel bad going onto another Canadian ADHD forum and seeing the top med discussion being about Concerta with people on very small dosages and wondering why they are still struggling. They trust in their Doctor and figure that they must need coaching etc. when the reality is they are getting poor service from their Doctor (remember we pay them for their expertise and services so we're allowed to critisize them).

It's unfortunate that people are trained to think that a Doctors word is law. In reality, they are often wrong, and often are not very good at their chosen profession. This is in any profession so Doctors should not get some sort of free pass to be some altimate judge and jury on medication and dosages.

For instance, if you were taking 30mg of dexadrine spanules, and you wanted to get the same effectiveness from Concerta, your dose would likely need to be 1/4 of the whole Concerta bottle. Most Doctors don't even know this. You just can't go buy the manufacturers recommendations or your govt recommended dosage for each med. They will be very, very low and you won't get treated.

I think the biggest thing I've noticed since being treated is more focus and finishing things Ive started. I eat out much less, leave the house much less, buy all my things now in one outing. When I'm at WalMart I'm actually looking and focusing on what I'm there to buy. I'm not going in circles, forgetting stuff, looking around all over the place. I'm looking at products and prices.

I'm also very much, much less impulsive. My thrill seaking has also gone way down. My motorcycle hasn't been touched at all this year and I was even thinking of giving it up all together.

Again though, this is only AFTER proper dosages. It was a long process to know my limits and took a lot of research, but I kind of told you the ropes above. Asking just any doctor doesn't guarantee anything about their knowledge of anything. And certainly not govt guidlies. Many countries have political issues that get in the way of proper dosage.

You begin to know your old self and you know when you are procrastinating and wasting time.

Sleep helps the meds work better though that's for sure. Even If you ate bad the night before.

Anyhow, I can't really give much advice but to say that when you get that curbed appetite, the meds should be working. I'd say about 70-120mg a day would be sufficient for most people. In Canada I'd recommend Vyvanse first, then dexadrine. With Vyvanse you might need 2 x 80mg after tolerance depending how you absorb the meds and such. Don't waste time with anything else.

In the US everyone likes Adderall IR. Theres also Dexadrine IR which some say is better than Adderall. I wouldn't bother with anything else unless you have in a mixed depression or something.

I know meds are the key so I'm trying to help the best I can. You already know what you need to do in your life, the meds will help you with that. But not if your Doctor put you on the wrong track and your a victim of bad service. You'll never get better if that's the case.
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