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OK, I'm ****ed off.

Posted 03-06-10 at 01:38 AM by ginniebean
It took over a year.. but the topic and the people came together.. all the ones I really wanted to get into a particular conversation with showed up. The conversation was beautiful.

Until a bunch of argumentative ****s decided to crap all over it.. THANKS BUNCHES ********.

(yeah I really am that angry)

(I do not know if I've violated any guidelines if so.. toss this one)
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Empty, cold, grey day...

Posted 03-04-10 at 08:07 PM by carped1em (Mission Log: Major Tom, present location coordinates...unknown)
It's wet, grey and I have a nasty cold. The kind that makes your teeth ache and your eyeballs feel like they're going to spring out of your skull every time you bend over.

I miss him the most on days like this. He would do anything to make me feel better. Now the house is cold and empty. Silence punctuated by the occasional coughing fit or blow of the schnoz.
I've forsaken my meds for several varieties of cold remedy. It's triple the weirdness.

We used to go to...
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how im feeling today

Posted 03-01-10 at 07:09 PM by bumblebe
Today I just feel really down. I saw my ex today we went to the bank. I need to open an account. For the last 5 years Ive been using his and now its time I use my own. Sounds so silly. Im a grown up I shoulda had my own account a long time ago.

My ed has been pretty bad the last few days. pretty bad as in out of controle

My closet is a complete mess. You can judge my mental well being by the way my personal space looks....actualy ive always been really messy but right...
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To The Dogmatic Free Thinker and Religious Skeptic

Posted 03-01-10 at 07:32 AM by meadd823
Updated 01-15-13 at 02:50 AM by meadd823
I am sick of free thinking skeptics trying to cram their version of reality down my throat so I decided to put down all my thought in a single blog. Next time I run across one of these folks my thoughts will already be typed up therefore all I have to do is copy and paste.

Disclaimer - this is a pre-typed blog entry not aimed at any one in particular just specific situations that arise from time to time

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My licence is suspended .........AGAIN!

Posted 02-28-10 at 02:23 AM by bumblebe
Updated 03-09-10 at 09:09 PM by bumblebe (to much info)
I have gone through this so many times its rediculis...Stupid stuff.
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