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Ramblings from a very disturbed mind
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The queen is not dead, after all

Posted 04-24-08 at 06:13 AM by Ethereal
Not the drama queen, anyway. Why do I always halways have to make a big deal about anything? I was walking back from the grocery store yesterday, and suddenly, I fell down, in the middle of the road. I had seizures, it was so scary. Then I became unconcius, and woke up in an ambulanceI I was rushed to the hospital, and they ran a bunch of tests, and decided that is was probably just lack of sleep and food that had caused it. They forced me to stay there overnight, I was released 4 hours ago.

Even worse- my laptop is dead! I've only had it since january, have had problems with it since the day I got it, but I didn't expect it to die- but of course it did, as my external hard drive is broken, so I don't have backup. Years of short stories, newspaper ariticles- everything is gone. Until I get a new one, I can only use internet at school and my friends's houses, so I won't be around much until then.

I had my first appointment with the uni shrink today. She was nicke, and she told me about certain rights I have as a student with a disability. She was going to check out the opportunities until next time we meet. Promising!
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  1. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    ooh sounds like youve had a bad coupla days. hope your feeling better now? Have you been sleeping quite badly and not eating enough or..? Sometimes stress does that ay.

    its a bummer when ya laptops/computers die ay. It happened to mine as well..though punching it might of had something to do with it lol (it was going really really slow)..

    anyways hope ur feeln a bit better
    Posted 04-24-08 at 07:18 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  2. Old
    Ethereal's Avatar
    Thank you! It just woke up again, but I have to get it fixed, it's not quite dead yet, but close, it turns itself off every 10 minutes, and i still get + signs beteeen each word that I have to delete, +or +else +it +looks +like +this.

    I haven't had a proper meal in a week, and slept maybe 15 hours, so I guess I got what I deserved.

    I've almost punched it a number of times, but managed not to do it. I have yelled at it a lot, though.
    Posted 04-24-08 at 08:13 AM by Ethereal Ethereal is offline
  3. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    that would suck...are you gonna send it into a computer repair place or something?

    can i ask why your not eating and sleeping n all that? I had a week like that a couple weeks ago..was just majorly stressed out about stuff.

    computers are awesome but they drive me crazy..
    yup yelling at it will totally work
    Posted 04-24-08 at 05:27 PM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  4. Old
    Ethereal's Avatar
    I'm going to send it in as soon as I get my new student ID card, I can't get access to the computer rooms at uni without it.

    I'm not sleeping because I'm an insomniac, and haven't been eating because I've got an eating disorder.
    Posted 04-25-08 at 08:04 AM by Ethereal Ethereal is offline
  5. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    oh ok. i have had a bad week with sleeping as well...even less sleep than usual..
    do u see anyone for it or anything?
    Posted 04-25-08 at 02:51 PM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  6. Old
    Ethereal's Avatar
    Both my doctor and my shrink (who recently quit her job and decided that I didn't need more help..HA!) have known about this for a long time, and the only thing that seems to work are strong drugs- the one I normally use is even illegal in the US.

    I've been this way all my life, when I'm not on drugs, I'm lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep.
    Posted 04-26-08 at 05:23 PM by Ethereal Ethereal is offline
  7. Old
    Asylum's Avatar
    Please take care of yourself! You can't be having seizures and blacking out - can i please come over and shove a sandwich down your throat or something???
    What are you going to study at uni?
    Posted 05-25-08 at 10:45 AM by Asylum Asylum is offline
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