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Just Me

Posted 03-08-08 at 09:26 AM by meadd823
All these silly mind games mean nothing – it all becomes the past by tomorrow – These occurrences won’t make the history books Two months from now few will even remember, even fewer if any will care . .. .

No matter how cleaver you think you can be you cannot take a moment of my life and add it to your own –

When your time is up the game of life is over - the end is the end – It isn’t what you take out of this world it is what you leave behind in the hearts and mind of others.

I prefer to expand my mind see the world though the eyes of another by literally standing in their shoes – it is possible.

I want to move with the pulse of the universe to be come fluid within the realm of knowledge and understanding –

I have no desire to control others I have all the control I need with in myself – I know who I am. I know my purpose and reason for being .

You can do what ever you want but who I am is not yours to make. Why I am isn’t your to take.

To be unknown isn’t the same as being insignificant- you do not have to know who I am to know me. .

Why do people waste so much of their limited life time wanting that which isn’t theirs – I fail to understand why folks exert so much energy trying to take from another that which they already possess?

I have no need to strike a man who has already stricken himself – He who wages war against me fights himself. I have no need to raise up in anger for it already exist why make it part of me.

I prefer to leave this existence better than I found it – I am the stone which creates the ripples but is seen no more-

The type of rippling effect is of your own choosing – I have no need to struggle for no one can stop it What will occur has already ready been done.

I just want to be me.

I don’t want to play head games or screw with people – I ain't out to get any one, Really like I have the attention span to care from one day to the next. Many fail to remember I too have ADD -

{sign} Some times not even “my own kind” are willing to see me for who I am. It seems like most don't even want to bother getting to know me as a person. Most people seem content seeing me in what ever image they assign to me.

I don’t understand why acceptance is so hard.
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  1. Old
    That was awesome Tammy, I can really relate to that one.
    Posted 03-08-08 at 09:41 AM by Matt S. Matt S. is offline
  2. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Thank you - I was hoping it didn't sound to off the wall weird - Being put in some one's preconceived notions of "should be" sucks. Why can't people just accept other people as they are with out assigning some variety of "value system" or category.
    Posted 03-08-08 at 10:57 PM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  3. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    i really like this! very inspiring reading.
    Posted 03-16-08 at 05:56 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  4. Old
    4gotAgain's Avatar
    just re-read it..
    it seems more powerful the second time i read it.
    all i can say is woow.
    Posted 04-24-08 at 02:41 AM by 4gotAgain 4gotAgain is offline
  5. Old
    meadd823's Avatar
    Thank you kindly
    Posted 05-21-08 at 02:20 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
  6. Old
    I find it truly amazing how those of us with a "deficit" can so often overlook the "Normal" standards. Meaning how many "normal" people can truly understand two sides of the same argument? One of these days we who have a "deficit" will realize how to use it to truly succeed in life. Thanks so much for your post
    Posted 05-28-08 at 12:03 PM by Leigha01 Leigha01 is offline
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