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Follow your passion.....

Posted 09-29-08 at 11:32 AM by Anna000
Should work a bottom of the pile job for years to survive; what is the value of following your passion within your job; should we focus on getting professional help to find the the strength socially to rise above that which one struggles so you will be able to make a positive difference in life???

I have worked in a fish factory where people were literally falling of the line with exhaustion. If you didn't work the hours they would threaten your job and you could be easily replaced....
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ADHD? ADD? Which one and how did I not know!??

Posted 09-28-08 at 11:48 AM by Veggymel (Adventures In MellyLand)
Do you find that people do not really tell you the things you NEED to know? lol...I understand it is our own responsibility to get medicated and seek therapy but what about those of us who are blissfully unaware of our strange behaviors? Well...that is me in a nutshell. Since I was a kid I remember just being so afraid all the time of my thoughts, my reactions, interactions and everything in between. I remember doing strange things (not strange to me - lets not forget I am blissfully unaware lol)...
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Peripatetic Mind

Posted 09-27-08 at 04:31 PM by SolarLife (Peripatetic Mind)
A Peripatetic Mind.

My latest obsession is walking. When I'm anxious I like to walk. When I should be studying I like to walk. Yesterday I walked nearly 14 miles. Normally, I used TV as an anxiolytic; a way of zoning out, so walking is, pardon the pun, a step in the right direction.

When I first joined this forum, I was filled with enthusiasm and gratitude to have found a place where like-minded individuals shared their sufferings and struggles. I struggled to post...
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Posted 09-25-08 at 07:09 AM by Dciv
OOOOooooOOO a blooooog. It's like coming into a brand new empty apartment. WOW look at the walls. The color is like those purple candies my dad had in his night stand. (Yes, when I was a kid I would scavenge for candy everywhere.) Wow…I don’t know what to do.

It’s like fine china. I don’t want to mess it all up.
Mom: “don’t use the china dishes, that’s for guests.”
Me: “ Mother!, I beg to differ! But I would like to eat cereal in style.” (I talked like...
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Can't confirm but many patterns

Posted 09-24-08 at 02:42 PM by golfslam
Hello everyone I joined the board to get some insight on ADHD. A little about me. I am 41 never married male. It took me 14 years off and on in college to get my degree and this included many trips to the campuses of 4 schools where I'd sit in the car instead of attending class. It goes without saying that I dropped alot of classes and money. I have had 1 serious relatiosnship up until this point that failed. Now I am afraid 2. I have always had trouble concentrating, boredom, fidgeting, studying,...
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