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One more Time - Don't Tell Me how to be ADHD

Posted 03-03-08 at 05:07 AM by meadd823
A long battle - one it was assumed I would loose.

No I do not hold grudges I just happen to have an excellent long term memory. That lack of internal dialog was talking?

It was during many of these discussion where I actually met my brain. . . I am learning I have valid thoughts, my brain does work , while learning to stand up for these thoughts at the same time ~The ADD way~ =)


Burden of proof where does it rest it's weary soul?

What Does Pure ADD Look Like

Originally Posted by Scuro
So Meadd, here is the answer to your question finally. Okay Meadd, you are in a poker game with 6 other players, you hold a ace high. Now do you want someone to tell you that your ace is a gift or do you want someone tell you how to use what you got to it's best advantage? Barkley cuts through the carp and tells it like it is. I like that about him, he fillets that fish
Is Social Dysfunction Indicative of ADD

Originally Posted by meadd823
Broadness in application thereof accompanied by exclusion of all other alternative forms of knowledge via personal perspective or experiences….in other wards ….I will let Barkley tell me what it is like being ADD if you don’t mind me telling you what it is like being dude!!!!

Meadd823 ADD definition - root obtained from John Ratey's Shadow syndromes pg 148 I think.

Originally Posted by meadd823
Abridged version

ADD = inability to consciously control your attention span. In other wards you can not make your self pay attention to things you find less than interesting no matter how important.

This is normally experienced as having filtering valve problems. We were either bombarded by our surroundings because we could not filter out the un-important to more fully concentrate on the important {filter valve stuck open - hyper / combined} or we would filter out every thing including the important. . . .many times experienced as being so distracted by our own thoughts we would loose track of what was going on around us {Filter valve snaps shut - inattentive / combined}
Hmmm could I actually know what it is like to be ADHD. . .????

Cause of ADHD lack of focus?

Originally Posted by meadd823
The difference between ADDer and NTer lie in the ability to consciously control the focus of attention. If a NTer get board they can still make them selves pay attention even if the stuff is meaningless. The ADDer has an aversion to boredom and can not consciously make himself focus upon that which he find boring or basically useless. I call it “RAM” control . . .my brain refuses to waste memory space by retaining what it considers boring or useless. . .my brain does this naturally with out consulting my conscious. . . . it will simply wander off taking my body with it.

Scientists believe they have located a new brain area essential for good memory - the "irrelevance filter".

There will be many brain regions that filter irrelevant information, so it is too early to tell if these findings will have a bearing on conditions such as ADHD

John Duncan Medical Research Council scientist
Working memory is important because it gives a mental workspace in which we can hold information whilst mentally engaged in other relevant tasks, which is crucial for learning.
Its capacity is limited and seems to vary from person to person.

These variations are not just due to having a larger or smaller memory store, but also due to differences in how effectively irrelevant items are kept out of memory, the Karolinksa Institute researchers believe.
{End Quote}

~Underlining mine~

Ya mean being ADD means my brain has a mind of it's own - hmmmm

Lack of internal dialog - bull too much internal dialog unable to filter un-necessary stuff out.

Lack of thinking before acting - to much thinking unable to sort and separate ideas and stimuli. I am being bombarded by every thought, feeling, sight sound, and I am supposed to filter though all this crap and perform like every one else whose brains can - or I get called inferior.

I would like to see NTers live with my brain for one day - I want to see if they can handle the constant bombardment minus filtering ability half as well as I can. . . then we can see who forget to turn off the light , shut the door pick up the dry cleaning.

ADD Often comes with ODD and CD - well it must be the ADD according to some who do not want to address the hard issues - like why people who are different are seen as inferior.

Gee the behavior problems couldn't possibly be from being treated like crap because you are different - every one wants to dictate who and what you should be based upon who they are. It could be from a life time of no one understanding or trying to . . . anger and disregard for society must be due to the ADD because it couldn't possibly be because society doesn't give a crap about those who are different so some who are different decide to return the "not giving a crap" attitude to society - yea it really is that simple folks.

Hyperactive ADDers feel like they have to move because they lack impulse control - actually I have always been able to make myself be still it just hurt for me to do so. My body punished me for being still more than any adult could for wiggling - but much of my life was spent deciding if I wanted to be punished by my body or grown-ups - yet I didn't have internal dialog or impulse control - what a load of dung

For some one who lack observation insight I find it strange by the time I was 7 I understood others didn't wiggle like I did because it didn't hurt for them to sit still - but NTer didn't even bother finding out why I would rather be beaten to bleeding and bruising rather than to sit still - ADD had to make it where I couldn't learn from consequences - {this is about the stupidest thing I had ever heard}

Gee could it be that society is full of jerks who expect every one to be like they are . . .. few NTers bothered to learn half as much about me as I already knew about them - yet I am disordered - wtf?

News flash research ******* hyperactive children move because only creatures that have brains move

What kind of brain damage occurs that causes one to think it is natural / normal for six year olds to sit still and listen for an hour.

Did ya know more people die from not exercising enough than die from exercising period.

Sitting isn’t required for learning – the human brain often works better while exerting mild physical activity - notice most teachers teach standing up and walking about – but they expect their students to learn while sitting still - this is a slightly screwed .

If experts say some thing and it doesn't gel with your experiences - that doesn't make you wrong - it could because you are right and science just hasn't caught up to you yet -

Don't let experts tell ya how to be ADD

To those who claim ADD is all in your head - response so is a concussion does that mean it isn't real - other things for which there is no evidence beyond behavior observation


Reality is all in the perception there of

Lacking in empirical evidence doesn't equate wrong. . .

Oh yeah last but not least

Barkley still sucks. . . .
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    Mincan's Avatar
    I love this. You are good.
    Posted 03-03-08 at 02:51 PM by Mincan Mincan is offline
  2. Old
    Get em, that's my off kilter way of saying I liked the blog :D
    Posted 03-03-08 at 03:21 PM by Matt S. Matt S. is offline
    Updated 03-04-08 at 09:27 AM by Matt S.
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    David's Avatar
    Posted 03-04-08 at 01:22 PM by David David is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Wow thanks I am surprised any one read it. . .
    Posted 03-08-08 at 05:21 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    ~boots~'s Avatar
    I read it too Thanks
    Posted 03-09-08 at 07:43 AM by ~boots~ ~boots~ is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Thank you for reading Traci -
    Posted 03-12-08 at 04:12 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    Imnapl's Avatar
    My hero.
    Posted 03-27-08 at 07:41 PM by Imnapl Imnapl is offline
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    ~boots~'s Avatar
    I just read it again becasue I forgot I already read it

    It was just as good the 2nd time around ..LOL..

    I wonder if I'll pop back next month and do exactly the same thing????

    I love ADHD , life if never boring, always something *new* to read...and read..and read..

    Thanks Tam
    Posted 03-28-08 at 08:48 AM by ~boots~ ~boots~ is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    I love ADHD , life if never boring, always something *new* to read...and read..and read..
    You are too funny - actually I hyperlink this in some of my post because I hate retyping - why type some thing I have already typed if I can just copy and paste the hyperlink and be done with it. . . .

    My hero
    Wow thanks for the compliment!
    Posted 04-11-08 at 09:41 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    Prusilusken's Avatar
    Thanks for this, Meadd, it was a really good read.
    You gave me new ways of expressing how I feel about all those "experts" running through my life, telling me who I am and why. I'll hyperlink this to read next time I doubt my own instincts on the matter. Thanks again.
    Posted 08-06-08 at 08:01 AM by Prusilusken Prusilusken is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    I am adding the following as a reference to this topic


    Selectivity: consciousness is limited to only one dense stream of input If we try to take in two dense flows of information, like two simultaneous spoken stories, one to each ear, we can understand only one at a time. That is not limited to language: when two different ball games are shown on the same screen we can also follow only one at any given time. Nor can a driver talk with a passenger while
    encountering heavy traffic. And when we are preoccupied with a train of thought we cannot be fully conscious of the flow of external events. Conscious involvement with
    one flow of information will always interrupt another.
    This kind of conscious limit is one of the basic facts of life. It is the reason why students who study mathematics for many hours without distraction do better in math
    than those who do not. It is why the reader of this sentence can be interrupted by competing thoughts or feelings, and lose part of the meaning. At one level it is plain
    {End Quote}

    This is also in line with my ADD definition that we lack conscious control of selective attention.

    Prusilusken - why doubt your own instincts about who you are in favor of a dictation of who you should be according to some one who isn't you

    Like Barkley claims that ADDer are more likely to become addicted to cigarettes because of lack of impulse control - A claim which I immediately knew was crap

    Come to find out he may be teh expert but I was right - nicotine stimulent certain attention aspect of teh brain - in pill form non-smokers incresed thier ability to focus.

    ADDers smoked because it helped them to concentrate on a chemical level - I knew instinctively smoking had nothing to do with impulse - more to do with self medicating
    Posted 10-15-08 at 05:27 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar
    Another helpful link I want easy access to Is ADHD an Advantage For Nomadic Tribesmen In Kenya?

    EVANSTON, Ill. --- A propensity for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might be beneficial to a group of Kenyan nomads, according to a new study led by a Northwestern University graduate student.

    The research, published today (June 10) in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology, shows that an ADHD-associated version of the gene DRD4 is associated with better health in nomadic tribesmen, yet may cause malnourishment in their settled cousins.

    “Our findings suggest that some of the variety of personalities we see in people is evolutionarily helpful or detrimental, depending on the context,” said Dan Eisenberg, a first-year anthropology graduate student in Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and lead author of the study. “This insight might allow us to begin to view ADHD as not just a disease but something with adaptive components.”

    The study looked at a group of traditionally cattle-herding people called the Ariaal who live in northern Kenya. Eisenberg collaborated with Benjamin Campbell, a visiting assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, who ran the fieldwork.

    Eisenberg and his research team analyzed the correlates of body mass index (BMI) and height with two dopamine receptor genes, DRD4 and DRD2. The DRD4 gene codes for a receptor for dopamine, one of the chemical messengers used in the brain. “This gene is likely to be involved in impulsivity, reward anticipation and addiction,” said Eisenberg.

    One version of the DRD4 gene, the ‘7R allele,’ is believed to be associated with food craving as well as ADHD. By studying adult men of the Ariaal tribe of Kenya, some of whom still live as nomads while others have recently settled and begun to grow crops, the researchers investigated whether the different versions of DRD4 have the same manifestations in different environments.

    The researchers found a striking difference in the two populations. Those with the DRD4/7R allele were better nourished in the nomadic population but less well-nourished in the settled population.

    The effects of different versions of dopamine genes have been studied in industrialized countries, but very little research has been carried out in non-industrial, subsistence environments like the areas where the Ariaal live. This is despite the fact that such environments may be more similar to the environments where much of human genetic evolution took place.

    “The DRD4/7R allele has been linked to greater food and drug cravings, novelty-seeking and ADHD symptoms,” said Eisenberg. “It is possible that in a nomadic setting, a boy with this allele might be able to more effectively defend livestock against raiders or locate food and water sources, but that the same tendencies might not be as beneficial in settled pursuits such as focusing in school, farming or selling goods.”

    These findings suggest that behavior differences previously associated with the DRD4 gene, such as ADHD, might vary in effectiveness depending on the environment. Research into how this might occur in Ariaal children is planned in the near future.
    {End Quote}

    It is about time science caught up . . .
    Posted 10-28-08 at 11:00 AM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    meadd823's Avatar

    more clinical studies showing experts can be FOS

    The relationship between measures of executive function, motor performance and externalising behaviour in 5- and 6-year-old children

    Given the rapid change in both motor proficiency and EF that takes place in the pre-school years, this appears an important time to look for the emergence of the link between these factors. In this study we tested 5- and 6-year-old children on motor tasks from the movement assessment battery for children and on measures of response inhibition (Stroop and stop-signal task) and examined the relationship between scores on these measures. Additionally, in order to relate this behaviour to everyday function, the Rowe behavioural rating inventory (RBRI), a teachers' behavioural rating of externalising behaviour, was also gathered and this related to EF and motor performance. It was found that motor performance correlated significantly with RBRI scores (better motor performance with lower externalising behaviour) and with Stroop performance. The relationship between motor performance and stop-signal task performance was in the expected direction but failed to reach significance and there was no clear association between performance on the stop-signal task and either Stroop or RBRI scores. The results are discussed in relation to different aspects of response inhibition (inhibition of a pre-potent response, interference control) and how these might relate to motor control.

    So much for Barkley's stop signal task performance and any relation to every day functioning = it doesn't exist.

    and now for the best find of the day

    Are motor inhibition and cognitive flexibility dead ends in ADHD?

    No evidence was found for deficits in motor inhibition or cognitive flexibility in children with ADHD or their nonaffected siblings: Compared to their baseline speed and accuracy of responding, children with ADHD and their (non)affected siblings were not disproportionally slower or inaccurate when demands for motor inhibition or cognitive flexibility were added to the task. However, children with ADHD and their (non)affected siblings were overall less accurate than controls, which could not be attributed to differences in response speed. This suggests that inaccuracy of responding is characteristic of children having (a familial risk for) ADHD. Motor inhibition and cognitive flexibility as operationalized with mean reaction time were found to be familial. It is concluded that poorer performance on executive tasks in children with ADHD and their (non)affected siblings may result from deficiencies in lower order cognitive processes and not (only) from higher order cognitive processes/executive functions.

    or it could be environmentally driven seeing that the ADDer and non=effected siblings share environment despite the fact that they do not both have ADD. .

    I told them EF was to simplistic - umm what two years age - gravy How do people get to be experts and know so little about the condition they are supposed to be experts in?
    Posted 12-07-08 at 06:52 PM by meadd823 meadd823 is offline
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    doiadhd's Avatar
    Meadd,when you begin to write,at the very beginning,

    You say to stick up for yourself the ADD-way

    This is what i am now realising....this was your left ADD side,communicative-interaction side...

    To take over from the finished hyper add...

    Does this ring true?

    (not leaving left and right brain-just yet..)
    Posted 07-27-10 at 03:58 AM by doiadhd doiadhd is offline
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