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Hendrik the Temporally-challenged hipster (1)

Posted 08-24-18 at 02:01 AM by Luthien
Updated 08-24-18 at 03:06 AM by Luthien

Hendrik was a hipster, though not a very successful one. Other hipsters looked strangely at him whenever he tried to socialise with them in the cool places in town and they would roll their eyes demonstratively behind his back. Hendrik's problem was that he had indeed a marvellous sense of what was hip and cool and hot and swell - but it was simply way too good, so that he was into hip things from just about any period...
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I need to just disappear

Posted 12-19-17 at 09:03 AM by Country Girl
Oh God, I don't know where to begin? I am having so much trouble with my husband understanding the way I work! We've been married almost 21 years, my ADD and Bipolar is getting worse. I can't do anything to suit him.
We bought a old farm house back in May, I'm still not finished with the painting! It was supposed to be done before we moved in. I just can not get motivated to do it. I've got the place decorated real nice. I'm proud of it. But, I don't allow anyone to go in the unfinished...
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Amphetamine and Dopamine Depletion

Posted 10-28-17 at 12:08 AM by wonderboy
Much of this blog involves a critical analysis of
hypotheses regarding the biological basis of behavioral sensitization.

Research on this question has focused on mesotelencephalic DA systems, and suggestions that behavioral sensitization is accompanied by:

(1) an increase in postsynaptic DA receptors;

(2) an increase in DA synthesis; (3) an increase in DA utilization and/or release; and

(4) a decrease in DA...
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Concerning Issues Regarding Generic Approval

Posted 08-20-17 at 06:55 PM by wonderboy
Two profoundly concerning issues with respect to generic companies receiving approval for their product

1) What is even more interesting (and, in my opinion, both unacceptable and unethical) is the "testing process" which a generic company completes in order to complete the application (an ANDA) to the FDA, for ultimate approval. Here is what I mean:

1) The generic company --alone-- performs all the tests to ensure it is commensurate with the Brand...
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Amphetamine and pain

Posted 08-11-17 at 10:53 PM by wonderboy
Updated 08-13-17 at 12:29 AM by wonderboy
An area of personal scientific interest and inquiry for me is the correlation of possible dysregulation of pain receptors… How we perceive pain, both emotionally and physically, and its correlation, or possible correlation, to psychological disorders, such as major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and ADHD.

It seems to me that most scientific inquiry still studies the antiquated
"Tried and True" serotonin system, along with norepinephrine,...
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