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A place to collect my thoughts on things relating to life and ADHD.
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Posted 02-10-08 at 10:49 PM by nikkiana
One of the things that has often frustrated me about my job and the fact that I work at home is the fact that my perceptions of what my day is like vs. what others perceive my day to be like often don't match.... at all.

I have a group of friends who seriously believe I'm a workaholic because I'm always online. This is further from the truth than possibly imaginable.... I may be online all the time, but I'm struggling to make the amount of hours I'm supposed to. There is no convincing them that 90% of the time I'm online, I'm struggling to focus on work and mostly goofing off, and then when I'm really crunched for time and absolutely positively NEED to work because of a deadline, I'm harassed because I don't have time to go out with them because "I'm always working."

Then there's the other group of people who think my job is great because I get to sit around and do nothing all day and think that I should have a perfect house and should be able to go do things with them during the day. (This is my mother every Friday).
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    I totally get this....although I recently read about ADHD and the impact of internet; I didn't really get it until I did two things: Become aware of what I was doing (with the help of medication) and How I was doing it....not the WHY. WHY makes us analyze. I have a small timer...and when I set it for 15 minutes, it goes off to remind me: am I working on my goal right now? or am I working on the task? Then I get back to the's small timer that clips on my shirt. I'm not always good with takes a lot of practice. This is something new that my ADHD Coach recommended....I also staying off the computer after 6 pm. It's killing me!! I am also working on a Life Goal Program, which includes habits of work life....but that's a whole other story! Do you work at home on Friday?
    Posted 02-11-08 at 08:26 AM by stpetetallguy stpetetallguy is offline
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    nikkiana's Avatar
    The timer thing... What's really funny is I have the habit of setting a timer to beep at me to remind me if I'm on target, but I ignore the darn thing CONSTANTLY.

    I've noticed productivity wise with work, I generally have my most productive days on Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is usually a total wash because I try not to stay up as late (not working today). Tuesday is my errand day so I'm up very early, and I tend to shove work in between outside of the house stuff. Friday is hit or miss.... If I get work done during the day, that's usually all I get in, I usually don't want to work at night on Fridays.
    Posted 02-12-08 at 02:32 AM by nikkiana nikkiana is offline
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