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Just started vyvanse..please help

Posted 01-18-11 at 10:53 AM by skyblue
Ok, I'm going to make this as quick as possible...

I have never been diagnosed with ADHD but just went to my doctor for lack of focus in school and being easily distracted. He suggested I try out Vyvanse 30mg and mentioned that the side effects are not as awful as aderrall. That being said...

I took my first pill yesterday at 1:30pm because I wanted to try it out before school starts later this week (God forbid I had some awful side effects).

Everything was typical of what everyone else has been saying except these are my few questions.

1. I know it usually lasts between 9-12 hours but I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night! Just tossed and turned all body felt sleepy but my mind wide awake (this is longer then 12 hours at that point). Other than taking the meds earlier any other suggestions as to resting fully because I NEED sleep..not functional otherwise.

2. Most interestingly, the side effect I have noticed drastically, which I haven't seen common in others, is very cold fingers and toes (toes especially) ...given its cold out right now and winter but they are especially cold, more cold than usual. Thoughts?

3. So far so good on everything else, need the rest though. any other general suggestions or things I should look out for? I've never tried any type of medicine like this and only take birth control. I have taken lots of percacet in the past due to other issues but it's totally different.

Thanks as always! Looking fwd to everyone's response!
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    I've been on Adderall for over 10 years now. I've taken mostly IR, but was on XR for a period of time as well. I only got to sample Vyvanse, but it's the same idea. I've tried all of the various IR adderall generics as well and trust me they are all different.
    Not being able to sleep after a first use is not only common, but I'd like to meet someone who did fall asleep on the first day after they took one of the various stimulants.
    Actually, as I mentioned above every time I've changed brands it's difficult to sleep for the first 2-5 days. Same thing when I go off it and start back up again.
    There's really no easy way around that side effect. Various sleeping pills, which to me are worse then no sleep at all. I recommend Valerian root over prescribed sleeping pills though.
    Posted 02-23-11 at 09:03 PM by nlytnd1 nlytnd1 is offline
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