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the freezing cold beach

Posted 01-15-12 at 03:07 PM by Add-ed@30
Just sitting here thinking, in a rare moment of silence in my house, about just about everything. Most specifically about why/how things that are so "set in stone" become so definative. Who made them that way? Did you yourself have part in carving the beliefs ideas or feelings into the stone? You almost certainly had to. Someone may have helped with concept, influenced your thinking or given you many valid reasons why it should be forever carved for everyone to see. What happens when the stone shatters? Well, back up, maybe its not shattered. Maybe there's just a different stone with different info on it. And you don't know how to process this new info because nothing/no one has ever made you question the information on the old stone. So what? You walk around believing in both stones for a while? That's reasonable, but what if you don't have sufficient time/resources to study the information on the new stone? And even if you did, what would come of it? How exactly does one choose which stone is the most accurate, factual and true? Especially when the old stone is the only thing you have and have had for so long? There are no other stones that discuss the differences between the beliefs held on one stone or the other. You never thought to look for those stones because you were sure Esther first stone was so right. It had to be right. Nothing else anyone had presented to you was appearing to be that correct. So nowbhear you sit, contemplating how your stone got so disrupted by this random other stone. After a little while you realize, the problem isn't what's on the stone, its the stone its written on. You realize you don't write on stone, its not what you are, your a little different than all the "normal" stone carving cavemen. When you take a closer look at yourself, you realize you prefer to write things in the sand. And this other stone that's was given to you isn't a stone at all. Its actually a beach, covered in sand. With its own beliefs scattered all over the place with no rhyme jjor reason, no organziation, most of them don't even appear to be written in English, but YOU can read it. Even if you don't always understand it, you can read it. Everyone else looks at this beach (if there ever even given the opportunity to know it exists) and wonders what went wrong, why its so different, wouldn't dare step foot on it because they wont go near something they don't understand. Yet there you stand, looking across this beach that make all to much sense to you. And all of a sudden your stone feels really heavy. You want to put it down for a while and walk across this beach. Enjoy the chaotic peace you feel while your there. Watch the water roll up the sand and erase some of the old misguided, self damaging beliefs you had written on your own private beach that your stone was unaware of. This is a beach yes, but its cold, so you need a blanket. Its peaceful and serene with its chaos of waves, birds, noise, sun and snow. Its a contradiction of its self yet you still want to stay, bury your feet in the ice cold sand, build a sand castle with white padded walls. Close your eyes and listen to the loud silence of it all. You know, you think, you shouldn't be in this place. According to all the stones you've ever read this place is weird, unnatural and even dangerous. Then why do I feel so at home? The creator of this forbidden beach didn't like writing on stones either. Its to much work. Sand is much more.forgiving. if you mess up, just wipe it away and try again. The sand is flexible and easy to write in. It doesn't care if you cant spell, or lose your train of thought half way through what your writing. It doesn't think any less of you because you came to visit the beach. It doesn't care when you have days that you want to walk into the water and not come out. It will just flush you right back on the sand and wash you off at it recedes. How did you not see this coming? This discovery? Because stones are solid, rigid, inflexible. And a lot of the time, they do carry some truth, some wisdom. But the beach is so blissfully chilly and loud.
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