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Makes work interesting

Posted 06-16-08 at 11:19 AM by Uneek1
I like looking for unusual stuff at work. Like funny names for restaurants, etc. Or if I talk to someone interesting. I don't write down too much details since it is a security issue. LOL.

I talked to my cousin's best friend. Itty-bitty small town so of course she knew my family.
My ex next door neighboor LONG ago.
I called the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Of course if the person worked there, I wouldn't know the department. But it was cool just to call.
Someone was in a theater in Las Vegas waiting for a Beatles show (forgot the name of it) to start.
I called someone who was supposedly in Hawaii. He had just purchased tickets for a Luio (spelled WAY wrong. The party there). When I called, in the background, I heard native drums. Well, there's my answer! Thanks! Bye! LOL.
Spoke to Evil Knival's stepdaughter (or daughter-in-law. Don't remember the relation).
A guy going to Portugal (no, that's not unusual. It just sounds romantic or something)
A guy going to Ireland. He had a really great accent.
A person going to horseshoeing school (well, someone else called them. Never thought about a school for that!)
Wetzel Pretzel (love that name!)
Warm Daddy's Restaurant
Someone "bought some see-thru underwear" at the Jockey Store.
Hungry Hunter Restaurant
I called Disney World!! "Is she a cast member?" Have no clue so I put it as wrong number. "Have a magical day!" the lady said. COOL!!! It was a magical day then!
Left a message on Tommy Aldredge's answering machine. He's a drummer. Played with Whitesnake and other bands.
The Bug Store
Cheeburger Cheeburger (cool name. Ate there once)
Doubledutch Boutique
Coors Octopus Car Wash (Coors Octopus??)
Hungry Horse, Montana (I wanna move there! Love that name!)
Called somewhere. "What's your emergency and where's your location?" Uhhh...wrong number!
Someone called Courtney Love the other day.
Called (no one answered) someone at (or just leaving) a Paris cafe. Woulda liked to talk to him just
Marc Singer - don't know if it was the actor. He was in LA and I heard an ambulance siren in the background. Nice guy...even if he wasn't the actor. (looked it up just to see what that was. Interesting)
Oil Can Henry's
Cactus Car Wash (sounds like it would scratch the car!)
Black Tie Coffee
Slick Rock Burrito
Love Muffin Cafe
Yo Burrito
Speaking Rock (it's a restaurant)
Dew Drop Inn
Clown's Closet (kid clothes)

When I remember to, I like writing things down.
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  1. Old
    zoomman's Avatar
    Yo Burrito wins.
    Posted 06-16-08 at 10:59 PM by zoomman zoomman is offline
  2. Old
    Uneek1's Avatar
    Ok! Today's list!

    Weinerschnitzel. I LOVE saying that! Was that the fast food place? Now what's that water park in Texas. Another fun word. Maybe I should just learn German!

    Leaning Tower of Pizza
    Comedy Defense Driving (???? Detour! Gotta look that up. That sounds fun! I wanna take that class!
    There's a Hooker St. in Denver (There's also a town called Hooker Oklahoma!)
    Extra Virgin - a restaurant in NY
    Where the Magic Begins (now what's that one? Disney collectables of course!)
    Stinker - a service station
    Shammy Shine (car wash of course)
    Twisted Dune Golf Club (website's not for me but it's a nice name)
    The Crab's Claw (restaurant)
    The Poppin Shop (restaurant)
    Chicken Kitchen
    Gas City (service station)

    Maybe I shouldn't work there. LOL. Makes me get sidetracted on the internet! That's how I find cool stuff sometimes though!
    Now what is that water park name? That's gonna drive me crazy. Looked it up.

    Schlitterbahn! I called someone who just arrived there with his family.
    Posted 06-17-08 at 12:25 AM by Uneek1 Uneek1 is offline
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    Uneek1's Avatar
    And for today:

    Moby Dick Restaurant
    I reviewed (didn't call) Bobby Reynold's and James Blake's accounts. Tennis players. I don't follow tennis so I wouldn't know.
    I have seen (but haven't called) a few baseball players and hockey players accounts too.
    Kevin Kline is a nice guy.....not the actor though. I checked on my break.
    Rub a Dub Doggie
    El Burrito Loco
    Blue Blaze (a bicycle shop. Nice name)
    There is a Trojan Drive in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Wonder if Hooker Lane is next to it....
    Bye Bye (a misc speciality retail store in Antilles. Tourist stuff?) (don't know why but that's an interesting name to me)
    Jumburrito (I never realized how many food places had the word "burrito" in them! I like those names better than Taco names. Taco Bell. Taco John's. Taco Bueno. Taco boring....)
    Would you like to live on Battlefield Street? I can picture a house full of kids....
    Happy China (makes me picture a smiling plate)
    China King (smiling at a plate with a crown on his head!)
    Tuesday Morning ("Did you go to Tuesday Morning yesterday?" "Yesterday was Monday!" Nice name and nice store)
    Terrible Herbst (the gas station. A lot are in Nevada. There's one in California that's a weird name too...can't remember now)
    I wouldn't mind living on Martini Drive in Henderson, Nevada.
    Emmis Half Priced Meals - I gotta check this out. I can't find it but I think it's some kind of fraud thing. It's not a restaurant. Something about computers....
    Gnome Games
    and Harry Hines Road in Dallas, Texas
    Posted 06-18-08 at 12:25 AM by Uneek1 Uneek1 is offline
  4. Old
    Uneek1's Avatar
    Last one in this series. (see my blog "Woe is me" for the reason why)

    (not exact words) "Yes, I can take a message but I have to hurry because I have to chase the dogs" I assumed she meant her dogs escaped. I told her I'll try again some other time. That's something you don't hear everyday when you call someone!

    Autograph Foliages (signing leaves?) - it's an artificial plant store.

    Busy Body - sporting goods
    Up in Smoke - Cigar store
    3 Little Cinnamen - restaurant in Temecula, CA
    There's a Coyote Ridge Rd. in Santa Fe, NM. I'd love to live on that road! Love it!
    Bee Alive, Inc.
    Honey Let's Dance - Dance instruction
    I accidently told a boss that his people were using his card to purchase pizza on the company card when they were out of town. He wasn't too happy about that. I hope I didn't get anyone fired! LOL.
    Wine Cellar Ave. in Las Vegas
    Black Earth, Wisconsin
    Jellyfish Joy - crystal and glassware store

    And that's that! Hope you enjoyed reading my list!
    Posted 06-19-08 at 01:54 AM by Uneek1 Uneek1 is offline
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