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My Life Of Failures

Posted 09-11-11 at 03:16 AM by CrushCrush
Updated 09-17-11 at 06:20 AM by CrushCrush
Ok lets try to outline the failures and under acheivments through my life and what finally led me here after 34 years.

I could add lots of positives, but we're talking about UNDER-acheiving. We want to focus on the under achievements and failures.


Born to a neurotic mother at a very young age who had marital problems and panic disorder and likely ADHD. Never knew my dad.

Elementary school

-Poor report cards ("does...
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Posted 12-18-11 at 04:45 AM by ginniebean
When I walked into your room I saw you, and you already died.

I wanted to be with you and hold your hand when it happened but .. that was not to be.

So, I sat with you, I held your hand, I stroked your head. For half an hour I just sat and looked at you.

I asked to have time alone with you. I spoke, it's not that I had anything left unsaid. You knew you were loved and there was no unfinished business.

I just wanted to honour you with...
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Missing pieces.

Posted 05-02-13 at 12:39 AM by write4relief
In the last 2 years ive learned, adapted and accepted so much about self. About the new me. The new life I'm intended to lead. Though I cant helpbut miss pieces of the old me. The unaware, misguided, blissfully ignorant me.

Without going into the horrifically long story of how I got to this point, this may seem a bit scattered and nonsensical but I'm okay with that.

Ive reached the point in my post-diagnosis period that I'm starting to mourn the loss of my old self....
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Thinking feelings, Feeling thoughts

Posted 09-08-08 at 01:50 PM by Rosellini
no emotions felt, no words spoken, no definitive real... no self to identify with, no narrative explanation, defined or undefined purpose. all trust placed in that cheshire cat grin floating in the abstract. A world of appearances, of trust in probability, of unshaken belief, of outstanding lies and misguided truths. everything crumbling, crumbling...

A single shrill may disrupt all comfort found in the following silence.

A final breath may burst the childs balloon...
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A Verse Between Two Brother's: Sarek and adder68

Posted 06-23-09 at 08:38 AM by Addr68 (Thoughts of Love: Essence and Reflections)
Updated 06-23-09 at 08:51 AM by Addr68
addr68: How does my brother weigh this fine day

sarek: Hence the vixere fortis? Shall I compare thee to a summer's dream, thou art etc..etc..

sarek: its not a dream, its a day...

addr68: Aye! thy eye have seen, that which is been written...glorious in deed for they speak that which they wish to say

sarek: Its great. forsooth, a lost art indeed.

addr68: True! Lost are the flavor of such words that can be savored by the taste
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