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When all of the thoughts in my head, finally come together and make sense...
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*********news flash*********

Posted 01-04-10 at 04:56 PM by ToadysFroggy
Just got off of the phone with my Pulmonologist--he was calling me about my recent Sleep Study results!

He said my Apnea went from Moderate to Mild and it is up to me whether or not I wanted to use the C-PAP for it. He stated that it was not necessary to use it if I don't feel as symptomatic as I did when we tested lasted year. I already experience a lot of daytime sleepiness but that is due to Chronic Mono (CEBV)and Fibro!

I am opting for not using it! He also said that in recent times, data has proven that when people lose weight, they sometimes actually go down a category------> like me going from Moderate to Mild.

A little background on me and Sleep Apnea. My husband always said I snored and it was constantly waking him up at night. When I told my Rheumatogist this, she sent me to a Pulmonologist to see about having a Sleep Study done. So between my snoring and other things like me getting up in the middle of the night because I could not sleep, he got me my own Sleep Number bed and I now maintain my own bedroom in the room I was already using as an office!

Last year when I had my first Sleep Study, I was 23 lbs heavier and was told I had moderate Sleep Apnea and I needed to use a CPAP. It was hard to use that thing since I already had other issues that made it difficult to sleep.

Since May, I have dropped down from 165 to 142 and hope to lose another 15 pounds by this May!
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